What Microphone Does JackSepticEye Use? 2022 Edition

JackSepticEye Microphone

What He Uses:

What Markiplier Recommends For New V-Loggers:

Shure PG27

Audio Technica AT2020 +

 Shock Mount

*See the video below for Makiplier’s recommendation for new V-Loggers

There is no better time to start your own Vlog than now. There have never been more people making a living off of YouTube, a decent microphone and a camera. If you’ve been following JackSepticEye and are wondering what microphone he uses, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t go wrong using JackSepticEye as a template for your own setup.  However,  Seán has a lot of revenue to play with so he can afford the best equipment.

For those starting out, this can be a huge investment. If this is out of your price range, we’d suggest taking a look at the Blue Yeti. It’s the most popular microphone on the market and has by far the best quality for price.

JackSepticEye has one of the largest followings on YouTube.  He recently crossed the 15 million subscriber mark and has over 6 billion views. His videos center around the Let’s Play concept where he records himself playing video games and adds commentary along the way. He was first mentioned by PewDiePie and has since risen to legendary status.

Want to sound like the pros? It’s not going to be cheap. It just so happens that both JackSepticEye and Markiplier both use the same microphones for their recordings. You can see Jack using the mic in the picture below.

JackSepticEye Microphone87%RatingShure PG27

  • Large diaphragm cartridge provides wider dynamic range for clear highs and strong lows
  • Cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while rejecting unwanted noise
  • High-pass filter for additional control of unwanted low-end signal
  • -15dB switchable attenuator for additional SPL versatility

This microphone is for professionals. My opinion is there are a lot of other options available if you are just starting out. I don’t want you to get the idea that you won’t sound professional unless you are spending $1000s of dollars on your equipment. Once you get enough videos under your belt and you are comfortable working with audio equipment, you can upgrade to something like the Shure PGA27.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

If your heart is set, here are few things to keep in mind. You need either an XLR to USB adaptor, or an audio interface to connect this microphone to your computer. Audio interfaces can be expensive but they are necessary to get the most out of your microphone. Because condenser microphones have delicate internal electronics they require enough power to get the correct volume level. If your mic is underpowered (as it would be with an iPad or an iPhone) then you aren’t going to get the sound quality you expect.

This can always be fixed with a phantom power source or using a plugged in laptop computer (or desktop computer). ​

This microphone comes with a shock mount. This means you are going to need a mic stand. While not terribly expensive, they are an additional cost. Luckily, Shure includes a pop filter to cut out an of the plosive sounds from your recordings.

If you are still going to buy, you will be happy to know that the sound quality of this microphone is astounding. Don’t believe me? Just check out any of Jack’s videos and you should be convinced. It sounds like he is in the room with you. The bass is well rounded, and the highs are clear and sharp. Shure is a huge name in audio equipment and they have a strong reputation of producing audiophile quality mics.

Bottom Line: Not the best microphone for beginners because of the high price. If you can afford it, you will have enough mic to sound like a professional

Markiplier’s Microphone Recommendation

Are you just starting out and would like to know which microphone Markiplier recommends? The video below shows his choice of microphone for anyone looking to get started in VLogging. I hope this helps! You can check out the price of the mic on Amazon here.

He mentions it at 1:10:50.

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