The Top 5 Loudest Portable Speakers (Updated For 2022)

Speaker technology these days is amazing. The amount of punch you are able to achieve out of small packages can be mind blowing. If you are on the hunt for the loudest portable speaker, we’ve selected the best options available on the market today.

There are many technical details that go into making a speaker loud. We’re determined to provide you with a resource that you can use to find the best speaker for you. 

Surprisingly, size is not the only feature that matters when it comes to the loudness of a speaker. The speaker’s sensitivity, power rating, and total harmonic distortion (THD) play big roles in determining how much punch a speaker is able to achieve.

Because portable speakers come in such small packages, it is essential they use what is called a passive radiator to ensure a good low-end response. 

We’ll discuss some of the features in the section below to help give you an idea of what you should be looking for to find the loudest portable speaker. 

We try to write in a way that is beginner friendly so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a technical background. Let’s get started! 

The Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Reviews

1. Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

  • 4 full range speakers 
  • Water resistant 
  • Connects to devices 33′ away
  • Budget friendly 

  • Only 4.5 hours per charge
  • Large size 


  • 72 Watts total (18W per channel, 36W per subwoofer)
  • 12 lbs
  • Water resistant 
  • Speakers in 4 corners for 360 degree sound

The portable speaker with the most wattage on our list. The Big Blue Party Speaker is perfect for anyone looking to just blast music at parties and doesn’t want to pay for audiophile sound quality. Although it is big and heavy, the handle makes it easily portable. We like that it is water resistant, making it perfect for poolside or beach parties. 

It actually has the most wattage out of all the speakers we are considering with a total of 72 Watts. While this doesn’t always mean it’s the loudest, it does mean it packs a big punch. It comes with a dedicated subwoofer, perfect for the room filling bass. We also like that it has EQ and volume controls on the speaker itself. 

  • A powerful 76 Watts total with a dedicated woofer. Perfect for anyone looking to have a portable party speaker.

Now for the bad: the battery only lasts 4.5 hours on a single charge (half as much as others on our list). While this is enough for most outings, you won’t be able to blast it all day. It is also one of the larger speakers on our list. The size does come with a ton of volume, so it will come down to what you’re balance is. 

The sound quality scored the lowest marks out of the competitors. While not terrible, you won’t be able to get the subtitles as you would with the other speakers on our list. 

Bottom Line: Perfect for anyone looking for a dedicated party speaker. It is the most budget friendly and powerful speaker on our list. Don’t expect audiophile quality sound. 

2. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose SoundLink Mini II Limited Edition Bluetooth Speaker
  • Voice prompts for easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Up to 10-hour battery life per charge

  • 10 hours on a single charge
  • Very loud for its size 
  • Very portable 
  • Great overall sound quality with deep lows 


  • Big sound with deep bass 
  • Charge lasts 10 hours 
  • Charging cradle 
  • Passive radiators 
  • AUX in
  • USB charging capable 

One of the best bluetooth speakers in it’s class – the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II. If you are looking for maximum sound with maximum portability, this is it. Bose uses what’s called passive radiators. While not a traditional driver, they manage to exponentially increase the volume and bass output in small packages. As such, this portable speaker has some of the deepest bass and loudest volume.

The actual sound quality is exceptional.  Bose uses a unique mix of signal processing to alter the frequency spectrum for amazing sound. It has deep bass, silky mids and smooth treble. While the Soundlink Mini doesn’t yet support aptX (a higher quality codex) it still manages to pump out a please sound a loud volumes.

It has cut down on the mid-bass when compared to older versions. This opens up the spectrum and prevents any congestion on the low end. 

  • Amazing sound quality and volume for the small package. The Bose Soundlink Mini is top of it’s class. 

As usual, quality weights a lot. The Soundlink Mini is strangely heavy for a speaker of its size. It unfortunately isn’t water resistant. This makes us hesitant to suggest it for any outdoor use. The speakerphone is actually quite useless. Don’t expect to rely on it. Additionally, the voice of the Bose speaker sounds like it’s straight out of the 90’s. If you aren’t bothered by the subpar side features, then we highly recommend this speaker.

Bottom Line: Highly recommended. It’s one of the most popular portable bluetooth speakers for it’s amazing sound quality and volume in a small package. You won’t be disappointed. 

3. G-Project G-Boom

G-Project G-Boom Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker Rugged Portable Speaker with Rechargeable Battery (Black)
  • TOP RATED PRESS REVIEWS: "At $100, it's a tremendous value. Highly recommended." - Mashable "G-BOOM is the ultimate $100 wireless boombox" - iLounge "For $100 you'll be hard-pressed to find another portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers as much bass as the G-BOOM." - CNET
  • CONNECT QUICKLY AND EASILY IN SECONDS to Bluetooth devices including: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Kindle, Smartphones, Tablets; play audio from laptops, PCs, and non-Bluetooth devices using the 3.5mm / AUX-IN jack

  • Portable​
  • Clear mids and highs 
  • Very loud 
  • Budget friendly

  • Not water resistant 
  • Large for a Bluetooth speaker


  • 6 hours battery life 
  • EQ settings
  • Rugged exterior
  • Bluetooth/AUX in 

The G-Boom is another great contender for the loudest portable speaker. While it does fall short on things such as battery life and weather proofing, the price makes up for it. It’s one of the best speakers you’re going to find under the $100 range. 

It uses 2 full range drivers as well as a single tweeter to provide a full response over the entire frequency range. Unfortunately, it only boasts a 6-hour battery life and only 20 watts. While still loud, you aren’t going to get as much punch compared to the Big Blue or JBL. 

It does offer a unique feature: EQ controls. This is perfect for anyone who likes to customize their EQ settings for different locations or genres. 

The sound quality is surprisingly balanced. There have been a number of comments regarding the heavy bass response. It seems to be a bit heavy on the mids, but everyday listeners shouldn’t have any problems. 

Keep in mind, if you are using the speaker at max volume you’ll only be able to get a few hours out of it. This can be limiting for anyone looking to use the speaker for a longer event outdoors. Similar to the Big Blue, the handle makes transporting this speaker a breeze. 

    • Best-in-class for the price range. You won’t find a louder speaker under $100.

Bottom Line: Perfect for those on a budget. This is the loudest speaker you’ll find under $100. 

4. JBL Xtreme

JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)
  • Hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass. Dual external passive radiators demonstrate just how powerful your speakers are
  • Splashproof means no more worrying about rain or spills; you can even clean it with running tap water. Just don't submerge it

  • 15-hours of battery life 
  • 20 Watt bi-amp speakers
  • Speakerphone 
  • Water resistant

  • Tight access to charge ports 


  • 15 hour battery life 
  • Dual external passive radiators 
  • Water resistant 
  • USB and AUX in 

Another great portable speaker. The JBL Xtreme is one of our favourites. It has a similar frequency spectrum as the Bose SoundLink Mini: bass. This speaker packs a lot of punch on the low end, while still keeping a good balance throughout the other bands. It uses similar passive radiators to give the sound extra punch. It’s also very loud. Sometimes the bass can be a bit much for small rooms (great if you listen to bass heavy music) but gives it enough punch to fill larger rooms as well as outdoor settings. 

It also comes with a speakerphone which can be used for taking phone calls when you are listening to music, or used for conference calls over Skype of FaceTime.  We found the speakerphone to be decent in quality (better than the Bose Mini). 

  • Very punchy and loud. Great low end response. 

Unlike the SoundLink Mini and Big Jambox, the Xtreme is water resistant. This makes it much more versatile. It can be confidently brought outside, by the pool, or to the beach. Although, it still is a little large for a portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s also on the heavier side. Quality weights a lot! 

At first, we were unsure of the external radiators in terms of durability. However, we have not come across any complaints or issues.

The only issue we have is with the charging. It doesn’t have a convenient charging port like the Bose, and the charging inputs can be a little tight to access. 

You can actually hear the bass response below. Lot’s of power! 

We like this speaker for the combination of punch, battery life, and durability. We’ve selected it as out top pick, but the Big Jambox and Soundlink Mini are just as competitive! All great products. 

Bottom Line: Amazing overall speaker. Tons of punch (especially in the low end). Water resistant with a great battery life. Our pick! 


SOUNDBOKS The (Gen.3) - The Loudest Portable Bluetooth Performance Speaker (126 dB, Wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, Swappable Battery, 40Hr Average Playtime) (1BB)
  • 126 dB CONCERT-LEVEL VOLUME – Loud enough to power a party of 250 people. Huge bass, punchy midrange, and crisp treble. Truly an experience at any sound level.
  • INCREDIBLE SOUND QUALITY - Immersive and real sound with amazing clarity and projection without distortion. Just like bringing a concert or festival to wherever you are.

  • 119 dB of volume 
  • Shock, temperature, weather, and water resistant 
  • 168 watts
  • 150 hours of battery time

  • Large size

The final speaker on our list is a beast. This speaker is large enough to play music for around 100 people in a medium size room. You’re also getting 150 hours of battery life per charge!

That’s enough to play this speaker at max volume for the entire weekend getaway. This speaker also happens to be extremely durable. It comes with a built-in flight case and can withstand all harsh elements.

The only downside to this speaker is the size. As portable speakers go, this one is huge. Unfortunately, that’s something you’re going to have live with if you want 119 dB of volume output. How are they getting so much sound out of such a small package?

Well for starters, they are using two batteries and 5 speakers. This results in a combined wattage of 168. That’s a lot of punch for a speaker that is run off of batteries!

Just for reference, a set of DJ speakers should have around 2000 watts in total if you want to have a professional sound for a room full of people. 

  • The most punch and volume out of all the Bluetooth speakers. No competition. 

Another cool feature of the SOUNDBOK  is the class D amplifier. This is something you will see on larger powered speakers that need something to keep the heat down.

Class D amps allow you to crank the output with a 92% efficiency. This means you can power your speaker with less. Something the other speakers can’t offer. 

The sound quality is also fantastic, as you would expect from a speaker at this price point. Definitely good enough to bring to any party you are thinking of throwing. 

Bottom Line: The loudest speaker on the market by far. If you want power and volume, this is your choice. 

How To Judge The Volume Of A Speaker

A speaker’s volume is usually measured in decibels. Something important to remember about decibels: every 10 decibels is a doubling in volume. So small increases in decibels can have a big impact on your ears. A manufacturer will commonly provide you the power rating of the speaker (measured in Watts). This number can be helpful in determining the loudness of the speaker. 

Keep in mind that more sensitive speakers require less Watts to pump out sound, so the number of Watts isn’t always directly correlated to volume. 

The manufacturer will also sometimes supply the speaker’s sensitivity (given in dB). The sensitivity is a measure of the volume (in dB) one meter from the speaker for each Watt of power.

A typical speaker will have a sensitivity within the 85 -91 dB range. The chart below gives a good idea of a speaker’s volume given the Watts. 

The speaker volume shouldn’t be your only consideration. If your speaker can pump out thunderous lows, but distorts past 75%, then you will get no enjoyment out of listening. This can be avoided by buying quality portable speakers. Each speaker we recommend below has been tested and received high ratings from thousands of customers. 

When searching for your speaker, ensure that it uses passive radiators. This gives it the much needed low end that can be weak on smaller diameter drivers. While it is a good consideration, don’t always be fooled by high wattage speakers. The higher quality speakers are usually much more sensitive and can get away with lower wattage. Here’s a video explaining the concept below. 

Additional Considerations 

  • Is it water resistant? This is essential for using your speaker by the pool or outdoors.
  • Built in speakerphone? Many speakers are offering a built in speakerphone to take phone calls when listening to your music.
  • Portable? While most speakers will consider themselves portable, there is a big difference carrying around 12 pounds compared to 2. 
  • Sound quality? A lot of the price of the speaker will be dedicated to providing a rich listening experience. No point in having a loud speaker if it has second rate sound quality.

There are also other larger speakers you can consider. The Bluetooth speakers are limited in the amount of watts they are able to pump out. If you need something with more punch you are going to have to think bigger! 

If you’re looking for your tailgate parties I’ve written an article looking specifically at the best tailgate speakers on the market here.

Below you will find out top picks for the loudest speaker. They are ordered in terms of price (lowest to highest). Enjoy!

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