The Best 1 Ohm Stable Amp

The best 1-ohm stable amp

Whether you’re an audiophile and want to have a good sound system in your car, or simply want a ride with a crazy powerful audio system, a solid amp is the foundation of high-quality sound.

More speakers, and especially big ones, require a powerful amplifier. That’s where 1 ohm amps come in as the best solution. We’ve found the best in the market so you can stop researching and buy with confidence. Let’s get started! 

Best 1-ohm amp

What’s the deal with 1 Ohm Stable Amps?

Simply put, an Ohm is a unit that stands for electrical resistance. Fewer ohms means less resistance and more electrical current.

That means 1 Ohm amps are capable of delivering way more power than most other amps out there.

However, with more power being routed through them, the chances of them heating up or producing unbalanced sound is higher.

That’s why we’ve chosen the best 1 Ohm amps that have proven to be stable, both in sound quality and overall performance.

Class D Amps

As there are different amplifier classes, some perform better in different circumstances. In our opinion, the best choice for a car amp would be class D ones. Here’s why:

Class D, or switching amps, are amplifiers that operate entirely as binary switches. Without getting into too much detail, here are the advantages:

  • Less power is being dissipated as heat
  • Less heat means smaller or even no heatsinks
  • Overall size, weight, and cost are greatly reduced
  • Almost optimal power conversion efficiency

It’s obvious that this type of amps is perfect for cars and many other similar circumstances. They don’t take a lot of space and barely heat up.

You can easily fit one or even two of these in most cars, with plenty of room left for woofers and other speakers.

Vehicle Compatibility

As different cars offer different amounts of space, you should always check if an amp is compatible with your model.

This is done easily, as most amps on Amazon offer a simple tool with which you can see if it fits your car.

Now that we’ve covered the basics about 1 Ohm amps, and the things you should consider and have in mind when buying one, let’s take a look at our pick of the 5 best ones on the market!

1. Boss Audio AR3000D

79%RatingBoss Audio AR3000D

The AR3000D offers amazing performance with very well balanced sound.

Capable of outputting 3000W of power, at 1 Ohm resistance makes it perfect for those people that need a good kick for their sound system.

The low-pass filter is variable, and it also has a bass boost option for an extra punch in the low end.

As we’ve mentioned, this amp is class D, making it more efficient and rich with power, while wasting way less power than other amps.

MOSFET features allow its transistors to almost immediately switch on and off, resulting in high-efficiency output.

Besides being easy to install, the AR3000D also comes with a wired remote for controlling the subwoofer level.

With a datalink cable, you can even connect two amps and double the power.

For just under $100, this 1 Ohm stable amp is a great way of boosting your sound without busting the bank.

2. Boss Audio R2400D Riot

90%RatingBoss Audio R2400D Riot

Another great amp from Boss, the R2400D Riot falls into the same category as the previous one, at least when it comes to price. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend much, as it also costs less than $100.

It offers a bit less power, clocking in at 2400W at 1 Ohm resistance, of course. The dimensions are quite similar to the previous model, so fitting this one in your car shouldn’t be a problem.

Having a solid body means that it will last for a long time, even when you’re driving offroad and giving it a good shake.

Featuring all the good stuff like MOSFET, a wired remote, as well as low level and preamp outputs, the R2400D is a great option for anyone looking for a good amp that offers slightly less power than the AR3000D.

3. Planet Audio AC4000. 1D

86%RatingPlanet Audio AC4000. 1D

The Planet Audio AC4000. 1D really lets you push your sound system to its limits as it offers 4000W of pure power.

Housed in a well built and sturdy case, this amp features great sound customization options.

Variable low-pass crossover, bass boost, subsonic filter and switchable phase control are all included, so you can play around with different settings and shape the sound to your own personal preferences.

Of course, a remote subwoofer is also included, for on the spot adjustments.

If somehow 4000W doesn’t cut it, you can always opt for two of these bad boys and combine them for double the power as it supports strapping.

For less than $150 you’ll be getting a solid amp capable of delivering balanced and clear audio, with a neat illuminated logo to complement your car setup.

4. AudioPipe APCL15001D

75%RatingAudioPipe APCL15001D

Though this amp clocks in at 1500W, less than other models we’ve mentioned, the attention to detail and overall quality definitely justifies its price of around $150.

You’ll be getting a nice and wide frequency response, ranging from 80Hz to 180kHz, more than enough for even the most demanding audiophiles.

The bass boost works in the 30 to 80Hz range and packs quite a punch while still maintaining sound quality.

This amp is a bit bigger as well, so double check if your car supports the dimensions.

It should last you for a long time as well, as overload, thermal, low voltage and short circuit protection are present.

If you tend to value quality over quantity, this amp is your best bet.

5. Planet Audio BB4000.1 Big Bang 3

80%RatingPlanet Audio BB4000.1 Big Bang 3

And finally, at number 5, we have an amp for those of you that seek a premium audio solution for your car.

The BB4000.1 by Planet Audio outputs 4000W of power at 1 Ohm, but with a noticeably higher level of audio quality than most other competitor models.

MOSFET, Bass boost, and all the previously mentioned features are of course present. Another great option this amp provides is the selectable LP slope, which lets you fine-tune the subwoofer, at either 12 or 24dB.

Variable Input Control is there to help the amp match the output to the provided input in order to achieve optimal performance.

Though you could get a couple of AR3000Ds for this price (just above $200), it’s definitely a good investment.


That just about wraps it up. Now it’s up to you to see which one you found the most suitable. We hope that we’ve managed to help you in choosing the best 1 Ohm Stable Amp for your needs. Thanks for reading!

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