Singtrix Karaoke Review

Singtrix Review

If you’re looking for a good all-in-one karaoke system, the Singtrix Party Bundle seems like a good idea.

This device was designed by the creators of Guitar Hero and has been endorsed by celebrities and popular TV shows such as Shark Tank, Ellen, and the Today Show.

But is it really worth spending around $400? How well does it perform?

Sit back and relax, as we explore the specs and features the Singtrix Party Bundle Premium has to offer.

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Singtix Karaoke 


  • 40 watt speaker
  • Auto-tune 
  • 300 built-in effects and settings 
  • App included

  • Poor quality microphone
  • Audio quality could be better


  • 3 levels of vocal enhancement 
  • Built-in HIT control on mic to trigger vocal effects and harmonies 
  • 40 watt speaker with subwoofer 
  • Compatible with any device 
  • Audio quality could be a bit better, but this may be just the audiophile in me. It will work well for any casual get together.

Have a look at where at it all began:

What’s in the box?

As you unbox the Singtrix, you will find around 16 different pieces you need to put together.

Though it may look complicated at first, the assembly is pretty straightforward.

The main components include an amp with a speaker, a stand, microphone, different cables to connect all the parts, as well as the main unit.

Setting things up takes no more than 5 minutes, making the Singtrix very portable and easy to carry around to parties.

Build quality and design

Having around 4 years of experience working in a music studio, I’ve seen a fair share of microphone stands getting bent or even broken just after a week or two of using.

The Singtrix however, shows a surprisingly high level of durability. As the stand is the part that endures the most stress, it seems as the high-quality materials ensure good durability of this product.

The main unit, or the “studio”, follows quite nicely in terms of build quality. The body feels solid, and the large metal buttons offer not only easy use but longevity as they won’t wear out nearly as fast as rubber or plastic buttons do.

The amp and speakers offer a nice slanted design which comes in handy as you get a better image of how you sound. The outside is made of plastic, but we found that it’s probably hard enough anyways. Just be careful not to kick it accidentally once you’ve started dominating the stage!

The mic you get is decent. You would probably get a bit more clear sound if you used a more professional one, but then again, it’s a karaoke machine, the point is to have fun and not hifi studio sound.

Audio quality

As we’ve just mentioned, the audio you get from this device is pretty average.

The 40-watt speaker system can get pretty loud, and will do a good job on most occasions. The built- in subwoofer gives it a good kick in the lows, and the overall frequency response is quite pleasing.

The speaker itself offers a simple set of controls.

With 3 knobs you can easily adjust volume, bass, as well as treble. Unlike most other karaoke setups, Singtrix gets some points here, as simply tuning in the EQ in accordance with the genre of music you’re singing to can greatly improve the overall experience.

On the other hand, in some occasions, the speaker had some difficulties in projecting the voice alongside the music. Both are heard at decent volumes, it’s just that it’s sometimes better to maybe pair it up with another speaker or a set of multiple ones in order to get the most out of the device.

Need a sample of the sound quality? Check out the video below:

Unique Features

What sets Singtrix apart from other similar karaoke bundles are the unique and hefty features it provides in order to make you sound even better.

There are around 300 different auto- tune, harmonizing, and pitch correcting settings to play around with. Of course, if you prefer a clean and unedited sound, you can always go for that option.

You can even make a preset that includes some of the effects, and have a button on the mic to turn it on or off. This is perfect for those moments where you want to shine on the stage but don’t feel as if you can pull it through all by yourself.

The mentioned auto- tune and pitch correction features work surprisingly well. No lag or missed notes were present when we tested the bundle.

Don’t get to carried away though, as these features are able to correct your imperfect singing only to a certain extent.

If you have no sense of music or singing whatsoever, it won’t be able to help you that much. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it!


Something that we found important to note is the fact that you will hear your voice alongside the filtered signal.

This can get a bit confusing at first, and may cause you to lose track of the beat.

Though you will get used to this, it’s best to turn up the volume and place the speaker behind you as to only hear the sound coming through the device.

If you have any experience performing on stage or using effects on vocals, you won’t find this as problematic as beginners will.

The App

The Singtrix app is free of charge, but it only offers 12 pre- loaded songs. You can opt for a monthly subscription or pay around $10 for 5 songs.

Another option is using Singtrix alongside thousands of free karaoke and lyrics videos you can find on YouTube, as you can connect any audio device to it, or other, 3rd party apps which seem to work just fine.

Final thoughts

As you can see, the Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition offers a high-quality solution for your karaoke singing needs. Build quality is great, audio is on a higher level than most other competitor models have to offer, and the included effects and filters come in handy for those with less talent.

Is it worth the $400 price tag?

Having all the features and specs in mind, if you need a solid karaoke machine, it doesn’t get much better than the Singtrix Party Bundle. If you have nearly as much fun as we had testing it out, it’s money well spent. If this is beyond your budget be sure to check out the other karaoke machines on the market. 

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope we helped you in deciding if this party machine suits your needs. See you next time!

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My name is Glen. I've been in the audio world for over 15 years. I love reviewing audio equipment and solving audio related problems.

shashi - April 30, 2018

Hello Glen,

Might you be able to please direct me for interfacing the outside speaker to the singtrix since when I am utilizing it in the open air parties, singtrix speaker sound isn’t sufficient and I need to associate with outer my inquiry is

1.Do we require amplifier to associate with outside speaker for singtix.

2,If yes, do we have a particular speaker to associate with singtix

3.Can we specifically associate the outside speaker to singtrix without amplifier .

4.for without amplifier , what is as far as possible determination to interface the outside speaker to singtrix.

In-advance thanks for your help..

Thank You,

    Glen - June 24, 2018

    Hi Shashi,

    What you’ll need is going to depend on the speaker system you have set up. To keep things simple:

    1. No. The Singtrix has RCA outputs. Any speaker that has RCA inputs can interface with the Singtrix.

    2. N/A

    3. Yes. With active speakers.

    4. 200 ft max. You will usually start loosing signal after 100 ft.

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