How to Reset a Bose Soundlink Mini

Do you still remember the excitement of owning your first Bose Soundlink Mini? The freedom to enjoy music on the go. Total bliss!

This Bluetooth speaker that delivers organic sound from an ultra-compact speaker which fits in the palm of your hand quickly became a crowd favorite.

But what if something goes wrong? Don’t stress. Below we’ll cover everything you need to know from resetting, pairing your device and a few other valuable technical tips.

Possible Reasons Your Soundlink Mini is not Connecting

Power Socket

Ensure you’re speaker is plugged into a socket that works.


It’s always advisable to check the connections between your speaker and the power adaptor.


Make sure you’re using the correct power adaptor provided with your speaker upon purchase.

Surge Protector

If you’re using a surge protector, test it to see if it’s working properly.

Faulty Power Adaptor

If you still fail to turn your speaker on, you may have a faulty power adaptor.


Your speaker will enter into protection mode if not charged within a 14 day period. To fix this issue, connect the speaker to the power adaptor.


Ensure your battery has sufficient charge to allow a steady flow of power to the speaker.

Unable to Connect the Device?

One of the reasons you’re unable to connect might be that you’re not using the latest software on your speaker. If the software is up to date you will then need to perform a reset, but first do the following checks:

  1. Ensure you’re connected to the right device. Turn off the Bluetooth of other devices you’re not using as it might interfere with your connection.
  2. The volume on your speakers might be on mute or turned very low. Check your speaker’s volume and device volume. Make sure both are set to an audible level.
  3. The distance between your device and the speaker must be less than 30ft. Check that it’s within this range. Objects, walls and some metals can affect the connection between the device & your speaker. Try moving them closer together and avoid such obstructions.
  4. Ensure your Bluetooth is on, both on your mobile device and speaker so you can successfully pair them. If you find it still doesn’t want to pair, the speaker may have too many devices paired to it. In most cases it should be able to connect and simply replace the least used device.
  5. ​If you need to clear the list of paired devices, press the Bluetooth button for a few seconds until you hear a tone. This means the unit can now be identified by other Bluetooth enabled gadgets. Try pairing again.
  6. Check if the device is not too far away. Remember the speaker should be within 30ft of the Bluetooth device.

Technical problems might occur so you may need to troubleshoot, reset, or ask an expert for some help if you can’t figure it out yourself.

Audio Problems

What if the Bluetooth indicator displays there is a connection, but the music isn’t playing? If this happens, check the device’s Bluetooth connection again. Small problems can often be fixed even without a reset.

How to Reset Your Soundlink Mini—Step by Step

  1. Find the mute button on the speaker and press it down for a few seconds (10 should be enough). You will see the LED lights flashing briefly.
  2. Now press the power button and turn the speaker back on.
  3. Look for the Bluetooth button on the Soundlink speaker. Push it down for +/- 10 seconds until you hear a tone.
  4. Clear the list on your Bluetooth device.
  5. Try pairing the device again by following these steps:
  6. Make sure the Bluetooth device and the Soundlink speaker are both turned ON, then press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker. After three seconds it should be ‘discoverable.’ You’ll notice the Bluetooth indicator slowly fading ON and OFF to show the speaker is in ‘discoverable mode.’
  7. To allow your device to discover the Soundlink speaker, set your Bluetooth device to “DISCOVERABLE.”
  8. Check your device and locate the Bluetooth device list. Now pick “Bose Soundlink” from the list that appears.
  9. Enter four zeros if your device asks for a passkey. Other devices may require you to accept the connection. Your Bluetooth device will show when pairing is completed.
  10. The Bluetooth indicator will stop flickering and remain ON as indicated on the Soundlink speaker when pairing is complete.

Distance Check

It’s essential to ensure the Soundlink speaker is within 30ft of the Bluetooth device. If not, the connection will be weak or broken completely.

The Bluetooth function on the source should always be ON. Most Bluetooth enabled devices give you the option to turn Bluetooth ON or OFF. While the OFF setting is wise for battery saving, it will prevent connection so check that it’s indeed set to ON.

There should be an automatic reconnection when the Bluetooth function is ON, provided the product has paired to the Bluetooth enabled device previously. If it doesn’t automatically reconnect, you can manually select the item from the Bluetooth list on the device. Select the Soundlink speaker in the device list and connect manually.

Final Words

We hope you continue relishing the modern design and top-quality sound on your Soundlink Mini. Its versatility is designed for your optimal pleasure.

Last tip:

It’s a good idea to check if your speaker works with the Bose Connect app, which can easily update your speaker’s internal software. If you don’t have the app, downloading the Bose Connect app will assist with added functionality and the latest Soundlink models. This is a helpful app for Bose speakers and headphones in general, even if you don’t need help pairing or resetting.

Now, happy listening.

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