How to Fix Beats Headphones

You’re enjoying your favorite podcast when suddenly you aren’t hearing the host anymore in your right ear.

This can be a deflating experience for most of us, especially when you’ve invested quite a bit into a solid pair of headphones. However, it may not necessarily be the end of your favorite headphones!

As you follow this article, you’ll find out how to reset your headphones as well as repair some of the more common issues that they can experience.

Continue on and you’ll be back to listening to that favorite podcast through both ears in no time at all.

What You Need to Know Before Attempting Repairs Yourself

If you find that your Beats headphones aren’t working as well anymore, or working at all, you may be tempted to find a solution on your own.

After all, these aren’t cheap headphones to buy or replace. However, there are a couple of things worth considering before you start taking them apart.

To begin with, consider how long ago you purchased the headphones and make sure to check your warranty information.

If your headphones are still under warranty, then you may be able to have them repaired by a professional at no cost.

If they aren’t under warranty, then it’s time to think about your skill. If you’ve never worked with electronics or wires before, there can a chance that you won’t be able to get the headphones to work again.

It may be worthwhile to pay for the cost of a repair rather than risk further damage.

If you’re set on completing the repair yourself, then continue on.

Resetting the Headphones

Sometimes, resetting your headphones is all it takes to get them working correctly again. Consequently, it’s worth trying out before you start working on the mechanical aspects.

The method you’ll use to do this can vary based on the model your headphones are, so make sure to look it up.

Typically, initiating the reset will include pressing and holding down the power and/or volume buttons until it triggers the right response in the headset.

As an example, those who have the wireless Studio 3 headphones can hold the volume down and power buttons for 10 seconds to trigger the reset, which will cause the lights to blink.

Common Beats Issues and Repairs

Some issues are going to be more complicated than others. Because of that, it’s a good idea to try to diagnose your headphones and find out what might be going on. That way, you may be able to do a better job of getting the device fixed.

Damaged Plugs

While Beats are a costly brand of headphones, they can have their own quality issues that may disrupt your listening. One of these issues includes the plug becoming damaged.

If you think this might be the problem, try the headphones in a different outlet, and test a bit to see if it’s specifically the plug that is causing the problem.

Once you’ve determined that the plug is the problem, then you will need to buy a replacement. The good news is, these tend to be pretty inexpensive. Just make sure that you get the right size.

How to Fix It

When you have a new plug, you can get to work on resolving the problem. To begin with, you’ll need to cut the cord away from the old plug. Make sure that you cut it about an inch outward from the plug itself.

Then, you’ll need to strip the wires a bit so that they can be connected to the new plug.

With the new plug ready, you’ll be able to connect the wires to their matching pins within the new plug. You may need a detailed guide to make sure to do this correctly.

Once those wires are connected, you can try out your headphones to see if you resolved the problem.

Corrupted Sound

A hugely common problem with nearly any brand of headphones involves issues with sound. Largely, this refers to one or both of your speakers being unable to play music.

Many of us have been enjoying our music when we realize one side is no longer working, or is working off and on.

Sometimes, this can be due to a wire in a specific area shorting out. You can usually get an idea as to whether or not that is the case when you move the wire around.

If you notice that certain wire placements can bring the sound back, then you may want to continue on to fixing that issue.

How to Fix It

To begin with, you’ll need to locate the source of the issue. You can do that by plugging in the earphones and starting up some music.

Then, bend and move cord little by little until you find the spot that allows music to flow through both sides and make sure to mark it off. That’s the area you’ll need to take out.

You’ll then need to cut both sides to remove that area, and strip the wires on both of the remaining sides so that they can be reconnected.

Make sure that you match up the wire colors when you reconnect them. Then, close everything up and test out the earphones to see if the problem has been resolved.


Fixing your own headphones can be a complicated process, so it’s worthwhile to study up and make sure you know what you’re doing before you get started.

Furthermore, make sure that you take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe. While it’s unlikely that a shock from earphones would be life threatening, it would definitely be unpleasant, so it’s best avoided.

There are a number of detailed guides available online that can walk you through each step in the process carefully, so that you can give yourself the best chances for getting the job done.

Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to go back to enjoying your music without further concerns.

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