How To Charge The JBL Flip 3

Wondering how you charge the JBL Flip 3? Here’s a step by step guide.

JBL mas made its name producing some of the best speakers on the market.

No longer do people have to lug around a big speaker during events when you have an easy to carry, portable speaker courtesy of JBL. They’re now even making backpacks with speakers!

From the first portable speaker they’ve produced, they’ve only competed with themselves by making the next one even better than its predecessor – elevating user’s audio experience with every new product that they release.

Now, they’ve released the JBL Flip 3.

For the longest time, the JBL Flip 2 has reigned supreme through its design and audio quality, that is, until the Flip 3 arrived in the market and changed the game.

A splash-proof, portable and wireless speaker, one might wonder what more it has to offer than its predecessor and one of the things that are thoroughly considered – since the audio quality is a given A+ – is the battery life of the product.

But there is one design flaw that a lot of people are struggling with – how do you charge it?!

How to Charge JBL Flip 3

A USB cable is provided when you purchase your JBL Flip 3 Speaker and it is compatible with your laptop so you have that option to use to charge but a USB adaptor is also provided.

It will take 3 to 3.5 hours to fully recharge the speaker. Here are the steps that you will have to follow to charge the JBL Flip 3 speaker:

  1. The charging port of the Flip 3 is covered to avoid and prevent water damage to the speaker. Pull the cover and you will the charging port or slot meant for the Micro USB cable.
  2. At the opposite side of this, beside the power button, you will see the 3-dot led indicator that indicates the battery life of your speaker. When the battery is low, you will only have one led light on and it’s in the color red to tell you that the battery is about to die or that it already has died hence why the speaker has automatically turned off or won’t turn on.
  3. Beside the charging port, there’s also an AUX slot that you can use if you want to plug in earphones or you have an AUX cable that connects to your car speaker.
  4. Plug in the smaller end of the USB cable into the charging port and the bigger end into your laptop to charge. USB adaptor is also provided so you can use the option too to charge your speaker into a normal socket.
  5. The one LED indicator will begin to glow and flash, indicating that you are charging the device.
  6. All LED lights will glow and will no longer flash when the battery is fully charged.
  7. Once fully charged remove the cable from the speaker and close the charging port cover again.

The Flip 3 is an easy to charge speaker and you won’t have trouble doing it as long as you follow the instructions.

A manual is also provided when you purchase the product so you can check that out for charging instructions.

If for some reason the battery is damaged, you can have it changed by contacting the JBL support and reporting the battery issues for free if you’re still in the warranty period of the product.

Build and Design

The JBL Flip 3 differs from the Flip 2, mainly by the design since creators took the risk of introducing a fabric covering for the Flip 3.

The fabric covering paved the way of the speaker being splash-proof and gives the user a firmer grip on the product.

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The buttons are also embedded to the side of the Flip 3, much different from the previous versions which had the buttons placed on top of the speaker.

Bluetooth pairing button, the control volumes, and the answer/end call button are located at the side of the speaker, blending into the fabric covering while the power and JBL connect button are both found at the spine.

As for the ends, they’ve turned it into dual passive external radiators.

Sound Quality of JBL Flip 3

JBL has always offered great audio quality, given how everyone adored and loved the Flip 2 for a long time. Flip 3 doesn’t disappoint as the quality is just as good as its predecessor.

Given that the ends have been turned into dual passive external radiators, you will feel them working when you place the speaker on a table and play a low song.

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Battery Life

Of all things that one considers aside from a speaker’s sound quality is the battery life. Everyone wants to know how long the speaker can last and the JBL Flip 3 does not disappoint its users.

JBL has decided to improve the battery life of the Flip 3, compared to the previous version.

The new version now contains 3000 mAh battery that you can use for nearly ten hours which, technically is a good deal because that’s nearly half a day.

There are also users who claim that if you lower down the volume to 50%, you can use the speaker for more than 10 hours.


JBL continually proved that they can consistently create speakers that are of great audio quality and have completely innovated and changed the game when it comes to speakers.

A portable and wireless speaker was one thing but creating a product with the design as beautiful and crafty as the Flip 3 was another.

The fact that the battery life has also been extended and improved from the previous version also tells us that the brand listens to what the people suggest and make sure that they do something about it.

Flip 3 is also an easy speaker to charge and can last for nearly half a day which is already a good deal for everyone.

You can blast any music of your choice for as long as you want.

With that said, Flip 3 is still one of the best speakers you can get your hands on for a reasonable price.

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