Finding The Best Backpacks With Speakers (2022)

Whether planning a hiking trip up the mountain or thinking about spending the day at the park, a backpack plays a crucial role in allowing you to take your most essential possessions with you that may be needed during your time outdoors.

Many people are also starting to rely on Bluetooth speakers in order to play some music while they are hanging out with a few friends.

The best backpacks with speakers combine these two useful items into one very convenient product – allowing you to carry your essentials with you at all times, while also giving you the ability to put on some music no matter where you are.

The significant variety of these backpacks with speakers on the market now makes it hard to know which ones are good and which ones will fail to impress.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account to ensure you buy the right option.

In this guide, we share the best backpacks with speakers, and we take a look at a quick buyer’s guide to help you make a more informed decision while shopping.

The 5 Best Backpacks With Speakers

We looked at a large number of backpacks that come with built-in speakers to bring you the best options that you can choose from.

Below, we present the five top options that we highly recommend to our readers.

1. Que Products Jambag Powerbag Backpack

First up is the Jambag Powerbag Backpack by Que Products, a high-quality option that comes at a really great price – with a price tag of just below $90. The backpack is available in three different color options, including black, grey, and Camouflage.

The product not only feature a built-in Bluetooth speaker, but also a complete internal charging station, which allows you to keep your smartphone and other devices powered up while you are on-the-go.

The product comes with a 4000 mAh built-in battery, which is separate from the speaker’s battery. This will provide you with up to 8 hours of battery life on your speakers.

The dual Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility makes it easier to connect to the speaker to enjoy your favorite tracks. It’s also designed to be weatherproof (not 100% waterproof.)

This is a great overall option for anyone who wants have speakers on their backpack while still being discrete.

2. Super Real Business Bluetooth Speaker Backpack

SUPER REAL Bluetooth Speaker Backpack with 20-Watt Speakers & Subwoofer for Parties/Festivals/Beach. Rechargeable, Works with iPhone & Android (Blue, 2023 Premium Edition)
  • Join the thousands of happy customers using our leading technology.
  • Lightweight, Water-Resistant Removable Speakers: Weighs less than 3 lbs and has a removable 20-watt speaker with compelling design in a water-resistant backpack.

Next on our list is the Super Real Business Bluetooth Speaker Backpack. This product is made from top-quality materials and is available for less than $80.

It comes with Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to connect to the built-in speaker easily, and it is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphone devices.

The backpack features a set of built-in 15-watt speakers, along with the addition of a subwoofer for improved sound quality, especially in outdoor environments.

The speaker is also removable – not 100% necessary, but a nice feature to have.

Keep in mind that it takes AA batteries – kind of annoying if you ask me. But it does keep the cost down.

The main standout feature here is the subwoofer. Bluetooth speakers generally struggle with producing a balanced sound profile so having a woofer will really balance out the low end.

If you’re interested in learning more I recommend you check out my article on the loudest portable speakers here.

If you want to make some noise, this is the backpack for you.

3. Super Real Business Backpack Cooler

Backpack Cooler with Speakers for Parties/Festivals/Beach/School. Rechargeable Cooler Backpack, Works with iPhone & Android (Gray, 2023 Edition)
  • Join the thousands of happy customers using our leading technology.
  • Lightweight, Water-Resistant Removable Speakers: Weighs less than 3 lbs and has a removable 20-watt speaker with compelling design in a water-resistant backpack cooler.

The Super Real Business Backpack Cooler is a smart option for anyone who will be traveling outdoors, especially during those warmer months of the year.

The product comes with built-in 15-watt Bluetooth speakers, which allows you to easily stream your favorite music directly to your backpack.

This one comes with a rechargeable battery versus AAs – much prefered.

The backpack weighs less than three pounds in total, and the speakers are all removable, making it much easier to keep the backpack clean.

This is a great option for anyone looking for a complete solution for the beach/festivals. If that’s you, I recommend you check out my article on beach speakers here.

4. Faded Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

No products found.

The Faded Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker is one of the few options that features a completely waterproof backpack with a built-in speaker.

This means that this is the perfect backpack for moments when it starts to rain unexpectedly – you’ll be able to continue enjoying your favorite music even in such weather conditions.

That battery life is between 8-12 hours depending on the volume of the speakers.

The product comes with a wired remote control that allows you to easily control the music that is playing.

The rugged design of this particular backpack with speaker also ensures that the product is a more appropriate option for frequent use, especially in harsher terrains, such as when hiking up a mountain.

A great option for those who wants durability over aesthetics.

5. Banned Kitty Speaker Backpack

Lost Queen Kitty Speaker Backpack (White)
  • The Kitty Speaker backpack with a kitty face design on the front has fully working speakers that are compatible with any Mp3/Mp4 device.
  • Small detachable fish bone purse and two side pockets.

The Banned Kitty Speaker Backpack is another good option for anyone looking to buy a backpack that comes with a built-in speaker at an affordable price.

The product comes with a price tag of just under $34, making this one of the most affordable options that you will find on the market.

This product offers a relatively large internal storage space, along with two side pockets on the outside and a front pocket on the front of the backpack.

The reinforced straps can be easily adjusted according to your preferred length and size, and the overall design of the product allows for more durable performance.

The design of the backpack is also very attractive.

A great budget option if you’re okay with the design.

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Backpacks With Speakers

When it comes to buying a backpack that offers a built-in speaker, it is crucial to understand the specific factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure you make an appropriate and more informed decision.

While there are many of these products that you can choose from on the market, only a few of them will offer you the true convenience of a backpack, coupled with a high-quality speaker that will allow you to enjoy your music in high-definition sound no matter where in the world you are.

Below, we share some crucial tips and factors that you should consider if you are looking to buy one of the best backpacks with speakers.

Quality And Brand

The quality of a backpack that you will be taking with you on outdoor adventures is crucial – if you opt for a product made from poor quality materials, you will end up disappointed.

This is why we highly recommend you start by looking at the general quality of the product – a good way to determine the quality of the backpack would be to consider the brand that manufactures the backpack, as well as to take a look at the reviews left by customers who have bought the product in the past.

There are many brands that manufacture backpacks with speakers, but not all of them are known to produce their products equally well. You want to look for a backpack manufactured by a well-known brand that is known to offer their customers quality products.

Additionally, you want to ensure the product you buy has many positive reviews – be sure also to take a look at any negative reviews left on the product’s page to get an idea of potential problems you may face when you do decide to buy the particular backpack.

Backpack Weight

The weight of the backpack you are interested in should also be considered. Since the backpack you want to buy comes with a built-in speaker, it will be generally heavier than a standard backpack – still, you do not want to carry an exceptionally heavy backpack with you while you are hiking or on an adventure outdoors.

Make sure the backpack that you end up buying is not too heavy to make carrying it with you at least a little easier on your back – remember that you will be adding items into the backpack that will further add to its overall weight.

Thus, you do not want the backpack itself to contribute too much to the total weight that you will be carrying with you.

Storage Space

Some backpacks can offer you more storage space than others. This particular factor is more of a personal preference that you should take into account – you will need to take into consideration the number of items that you are going to carry with you.

This will essentially help you determine how much storage space you will need to carry all of your items with you while you are going about your outdoor adventure.

If you are not planning to carry a lot of items with you, then there really is no need to buy an exceptionally large bag, as there will be wasted storage space.

Speaker Quality

You are not only buying a backpack here but also a speaker system, so you obviously want to make sure that the product would be able to provide you with exceptional quality in terms of sound as well.

Speakers used in the outdoors need to be high-quality, or they will not sound good – be sure to take a close look at the technical specifications of the speakers that are placed inside the backpack that you are interested in.

In some cases, the speaker system of these backpacks will come as a removable device.

In other cases, they will rather be fully integrated with the bag. Consider which option you choose – each has its own pros and cons.

Don’t expect the speakers to be as good as other Bluetooth speakers you’re probably familiar with. I’d set my expectations close to that of a $30-40 Bluetooth speaker.

If you want something that can play quality sound in the outdoors you can check out my article on outdoor Bluetooth speakers here.

Battery Life

Another important factor to take into account when it comes to choosing a good backpack with a built-in speaker would be the battery life of the speaker.

The battery life will usually be presented as mAh – a higher mAh rating means you will get more time out of your speakers and be able to continue enjoying music on our outing without having to worry about recharging the speaker too frequently.

Most backpacks will be able to play for at least 8 hours so don’t settle for anything less.


A backpack with a built-in speaker can certainly be beneficial while outdoors, whether you are on a camping trip with a few friends, having a picnic in the park, or enjoying a different type of outdoor adventure.

The best valued speaker is the Super Real Business Bluetooth Speaker Backpack. If you’re looking for something you can bring outdoors you’ll want to go with the Faded backpack.

Going to a festival or the beach? Go with the Super Real Business Cooler Backpack.

On a budget? I recommend the Jamback.

We shared some essential points to look at while shopping for one of these products in this guide, and we also provided an overview of five top choices when it comes to looking for the best backpacks with speakers.

I hope this helped. Catch you next time.

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