Chords In The Key Of G – For Piano And Guitar

Chords In The Key of G

The table below shows all of the chords that can be used in the key of G. I've provided both common chord progressions, as well as the fingering for guitar and piano, near the bottom of the post. The G major scale is also shown below.

Every note used to construct these chords will be derived from the G major scale!

It's really very simple! 





G Major

G Major7


A Minor

A Minor7 


B Minor

B Minor7


C Major

C Major7


D Major



E Minor

E Minor7


F# Dim


The chords in the key of C major will be derived from the C major scale.  The C major scale is:


The chords in the key of C will only be constructed using these notes. The chords can be figured out using the regular pattern of 

Major -Minor - Minor - Major - Major - Minor - Diminished

Common Chords Progressions For The Key Of G 



I - IV - V

G - C - D

I - VI - IV - V

G - Em - C - D

II - V - I

Am - D7 - GM7

I – VI – II – V

G - Em- Am - D

I – V – VI – III – IV

G - D - Em - Bm - C

Guitar Chords In G  

Here are the basic guitar chords for the key of G. 

Guitar Chords In G Major

Piano Chords In G  

Here are the basic piano chords for the key of G. 

Piano Chords In G

D Minor 

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