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The 4 Best Audio Interfaces Under $200

By Glen / September 5, 2018

Music production used to be an incredibly costly hobby and artistic pursuit, with most gear being out of reach to the average person. Unless you were involved in research on an academic level or you were a big name artist with a lot of cash, music production wasn’t a common pursuit. These days, thanks to […]


Soundproof Curtains – Are They Worth It?

By Glen / February 22, 2018

For anyone who has any experience trying to record audio from their bedroom or office, they’ll know how frustrating outside noise can be. It can ruin a recording and add extra work during post-production.Even if you aren’t recording audio, outside noise can be disturbing enough that it forces you to start looking for solutions. This leads us to consider soundproof curtains. They can be an incredibly cheap alternative to replacing your windows. But do they actually work?


How To Record Your Guitar – What To Do and What To Avoid

By Glen / October 14, 2017

So, you’re finally ready to record some songs! While you could spend a bunch of money by going to a professional studio, you can always do the job yourself. But how? What do I need? All you need is patience, basic recording gear, and someone to walk you through it. That’s exactly why we decided to write this article. We will go through the basics, dos and don’ts of recording your guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric.


The Top 5 Best Multi-Track Recorders (Updated For 2019)

By Glen / June 12, 2017

Recording and producing music is certainly a very delicate job. As most bands feature two guitars, bass, drums, one or more vocals, and sometimes countless other instruments, you can easily lose yourself in the sea of different tracks, takes, and layers. Having good equipment may not make you a good producer but it most definitely helps. Although the vast majority of producers have migrated over to purely digital recording solutions, there is still a healthy market for multi- track recorders.


Acoustic Foam For Your Studio – What You Need To Know

By Glen / May 12, 2017

Building your studio and are looking into acoustic treatment or soundproofing? We’ve got you covered. The sound of your recording is hugely impacted by the sound of your room. I cannot stress this enough. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent $300 on a high-end condenser mic your room acoustics will still dictate your recording quality.


Best MIDI Keyboards For 2019 – A Buyer’s Guide

By Glen / January 31, 2017

Buying a midi keyboard controller? You’ve come to the right place. There are a ton of midi keyboard controllers to choose from. We’ll help you pick up the best midi controller with all the features you’ll need and no more. It can be easy to buy an expensive controller […]


The Best Podcast Setup For Beginners on a Budget For 2019

By Glen / January 19, 2017

If you are interested in starting a podcast but aren’t willing to spend a ton of money, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of gear you need to have the best podcast setup for beginners. Fortunately, all you really need to get started is a microphone, a set of headphones and some basic software. Many new podcasters are hesitant, unable, or unwilling to invest a lot of cash […]