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The Top 10 Best Digital Pianos (Updated For 2019)

By Glen / January 1, 2019

Acoustic pianos are big, heavy, and expensive. They go out of tune, the volume can’t be turned down, and the sound can’t be changed. Despite your best efforts, you’re probably not going to be able to squeeze your grandmothers baby grand into your dorm room. Luckily for you, there’s the digital piano. Sampled from the worlds best grand pianos […]


5 Tips To Instantly Increase Your Skill Level On Piano

By Glen / January 2, 2018

Practicing the piano can be both extremely frustrating and very rewarding. Some days you make noticeable improvements, while others days it feels like you’ve taken a step backward. This can be especially true for those who are learning piano as their first instrument. However, even seasoned musicians still run into roadblocks. Today’s article is going to give you 5 ideas you can implement today to instantly improve your playing.


Alesis Recital Review

By Glen / June 16, 2017

For over 30 years, Alesis has been known as one of the leading companies when it comes to electronic instruments and musician- oriented devices. Offering a wide range of electronic instruments, from drum machines, various types of recording equipment, and of course, digital pianos, they have shown that they really do know their business.


What Are The Best Stage Pianos For 2019?

By Glen / May 11, 2017

As a musician, you know very well that for a good performance, besides skill and loads of practice, you need a good instrument. Whether you’re looking for a good stage piano for recording in the studio, or for live performances, there are numerous different brands and models stating that their product is the best one.


Yamaha P115 Review – The Best Value For Dollar Digital Piano

By Glen / April 20, 2017

Yamaha’s presence in the digital piano market has been strong ever since this technology first appeared. They were always pushing the envelope trying to bring the digital close to the analog in terms of sound quality. However, this doesn’t only apply to their high end models. Yamaha P115 is a perfect example of what this brand is offering in the mid range division, and it is quite impressive to say the least. Today we are going to take a closer look at this model and see just how good it actually is.


The Top 5 Best Digital Piano Under $1000 (2019 Version)

By Glen / April 12, 2017

Ready for an upgrade? We’ve selected the best digital pianos on them market for your viewing pleasure. Digital piano technology has come a long way. More and more people are deciding to purchase the more convenient (and budget friendly) digital piano instead of the conventional acoustic. I’ve been playing with a digital piano from the beginning as it was far too inconvenient to lug around a conventional piano during university. I always recommend this approach to anyone else considering a new piano. They are lightweight, versatile, quiet, and budget friendly.