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Guitar Vs. Piano – What Should You Pick?

By Glen / February 9, 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of learning both the guitar and the piano. The question is asked often enough that I thought I’d write down my thoughts on which instrument is easier to learn. They both have their own unique challenges.


How Music Will Make You Happy – Backed By Science

By Glen / January 9, 2018

Music isn’t something you can touch, eat, or drink. It isn’t something you physically put into your body, yet it can have profound effects on our mood and happiness. One only has to look at the sheer volume of scientific work to get a sense of how entwined we are with music. From the early days of Aristotle to modern day medical practice, music has been used to improve the quality of life of a countless number of people.


5 Tips To Instantly Increase Your Skill Level On Piano

By Glen / January 2, 2018

Practicing the piano can be both extremely frustrating and very rewarding. Some days you make noticeable improvements, while others days it feels like you’ve taken a step backward. This can be especially true for those who are learning piano as their first instrument. However, even seasoned musicians still run into roadblocks. Today’s article is going to give you 5 ideas you can implement today to instantly improve your playing.


The Best Metronome For Drummers

By Glen / November 30, 2017

Being a drummer is much more than simply being able to play complex beats. In order to truly contribute to a band, or just be considered a good drummer, you need to be able to play steady, constant beats. There is no better way to practice keeping a steady beat than by using a metronome. In this article, we will go over the benefits of using a metronome, how to use one, as well as different types and a review of the best ones on the market.


How To Mic A Drum Kit – A Simple Guide

By Glen / November 23, 2017

With the latest technological advancement, the last couple of years have made recording your own music much easier and widely accessible. You can get a cheap audio interface, a couple of microphones and a DAW and start recording in no time. However, while this is true for bass, guitar, and vocals, recording drums still remains a task that’s not that simple to perform.


The Best Gifts For Drummers – 20 Options For 2019

By Glen / November 10, 2017

Choosing the right gift for someone you find special can be pretty tough. If that special someone is a musician, there’s a bunch of stuff you can get them, especially when talking about drummers. However, what gift can you get for a drummer, that they are going to find useful, but isn’t too expensive? In order to avoid incompatibility with the rest of their gear, the best possible solution is to go for something that’s guaranteed to work no matter their setup.


The Best Drum Throne For Drummers For 2019

By Glen / October 23, 2017

Having the right drum throne is important, especially if you spend hours on end behind your kit. However, finding the right one for your needs isn’t that easy. With so many different models to choose from, you can easily get lost amongst various models and their specs and features. Lucky for you, we’ve decided to compile a list of the best drum thrones on the market, as well as a quick buying guide referencing specs you should have on your mind when buying one.


The Top 5 Best Concert Ukuleles (Updated For 2019)

By Glen / October 15, 2017

What better way to get into creating your own music than on a ukulele?

As a traditional Hawaiian instrument, it has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years, with many popular musicians integrating the soft sound of the uke into their songs. It’s perfect for chord strumming coupled with singing and works great even when used within a smaller, acoustic band. There are, however, different sizes, tonewood choices and a couple of other features that differentiate ukuleles for different purposes. In this article, we will focus on the best concert ukes, the advantages and important specs to consider when buying the perfect one.


The 5 Best Tenor Ukuleles (Updated For 2019)

By Glen / September 30, 2017

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument, great not only for skilled players but beginners as well. It offers a wide range of different playing styles and genres of music and is amazingly fun to play once you get a hang of it. As it’s more compact and portable than an acoustic guitar, it’s easy to carry around. However, with so many options which one is the best choice?

There are different types of ukuleles, varying in size, build quality, materials etc. In this article, we will not only cover the basic features and specs of good ukulele options, but we will also present to you our pick of the top 5 best tenors.

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