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The Absolute Best Headphones For Classical Music (2019 Update)

By Glen / January 16, 2019

Finding the best headphones for classical music is much harder than it seems. Modern, bass ridden commercial models barely fit the bill for this type of application. You are essentially looking for a vessel that will deliver all of the subtleties of classical music straight to your ears. All while sound as organic as possible. Today we have selected some models that will bring you that exact experience – let’s go over them real quick.


The Top 5 Best Earbuds For Small Ears (Updated For 2019) – Everything A Runner Will Need

By Glen / January 10, 2019

Having an earbud fall out is one of my greatest pet peeves. If you happen to be someone with a small ear canal I’m sure you are well aware of this problem. Luckily, there are now a number of options available for those of us with smaller than average ears. Whether it be for running or everyday listening, we are now able to enjoy in-ear headphones just like the rest of the population.


Testing The 5 Best Motorcycle Headphones (2019 Version)

By Glen / October 15, 2018

Looking for an audio solution to your motorcycle helmet? I laughed when I saw the other online guides for motorcycle earbuds. You can tell they’ve never worn a motorcycle helmet before! But that’s beside the point, luckily you’ve found someone who has actually suffered through the problem of finding earbuds that fit comfortably inside a […]


What Are The Best Earplugs for Work?

By Glen / April 30, 2018

Noisy workplaces can wreak havoc on your ears, and may even leave you facing serious consequences. Maybe you work in construction, or in live audio – where you’re constantly exposed to music or noise at high sound pressure levels. Hearing damage is a cumulative issue that emerges over time. Often it’s detected only once the […]


My Struggle With Finding The Right Headphones For Running

By Glen / April 29, 2018

To me, running and music are inseparable. The time I’ve blocked out to run is my time to zone out or catch up on all of the podcasts I’ve been missing. It’s not just for the love of listening to music, I find my performance increases as I’m able to distract myself from my body […]


Best Headphones For Mowing The Lawn (2019)

By Glen / April 23, 2018

I’m into podcasts. If there is anything tedious on my todo list I usually throw on a podcast and the job seems to get done without much thought.This is why when I bought my first house and ended up with a lawn to take care of I went searching for a new pair of headphones. Most of the headphones I owned at the time were created for mixing and mastering music. Besides, I wasn’t too keen on bringing a $300 set of headphones out to do my lawn work.


What Is The Best MP3 Player For Audiobooks? (2019)

By Glen / April 23, 2018

It may be surprising to hear, but MP3 players are still around. Not only are they still around, they are better than ever. If you’re like me, your phone is jampacked with pictures and apps. No matter how much internal storage you have on your phone you are always running out of space.This can be a problem for those who are as addicted to audiobooks as I am. I have so many different audiobooks on the go at one time that it would take up half of my phone’s memory to store them.


Best Earplugs For Side Sleepers (2019)

By Glen / April 21, 2018

I’ve always slept on my side. This wasn’t a problem for most of my life until I moved in with my girlfriend. The problem is she snores. And when she snores, I can’t sleep. I spent the first while trying to use earbuds to block out the sound. But, as you probably are well aware, earbuds […]

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