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The Top 5 Best Earbuds For Small Ears (Updated For 2018) – Everything A Runner Will Need

By Glen Parry / January 10, 2018

Having an earbud fall out is one of my greatest pet peeves. If you happen to be someone with a small ear canal I’m sure you are well aware of this problem. Luckily, there are now a number of options available for those of us with smaller than average ears. Whether it be for running or everyday listening, we are now able to enjoy in-ear headphones just like the rest of the population.


The Top 5 Best USB DACs (Updated For 2018) – The Digital to Analog Converter Showdown

By Glen Parry / January 4, 2018

Having music at our fingertips anytime and anywhere has become something we’ve gotten used to and can’t seem to live without. From MP3 players and iPods to smartphones, laptops, and desktops, most people spend a majority of their day, whether working, studying, sleeping, or simply relaxing, with their favorite tunes in the background.


What Headphones Does JackSepticEye Use? 2018 Edition

By Glen Parry / December 6, 2017

JackSepticEye is another incredibly successful YouTube content creator. He is best known for his Let’s Play content where he provides walkthroughs of video games. He is best known for his energetic commentary style and green hair. At present, his YouTube channel has over 6 billion views with 15 million subscribers. This makes it the 30th most subscribed channel on YouTube.


3 Ways To Make Your Headphones Louder

By Glen Parry / May 24, 2017

There is nothing worse than being limited by your headphone volume.There is plenty of evidence to suggest that loud music sounds better. Therefore, if you are wanting the most out of you headphones there are times when turning up the volume is necessary. This article will suggest a few ways to pump up the volume


Best Cordless Earbuds – Welcome To The Wireless Revolution

By Glen Parry / May 1, 2017

This article will discuss some of the pros and cons of having a cordless set of earbuds as well as introduce some of the best contenders. ​Over the past few years, the number of companies carrying wireless earbuds has dramatically increased. Alongside cell phones, battery technology has improved enough that you can now power a set of earbuds for a reasonable amount of time. While there are obvious merits, there are additional considerations one should make before pulling the trigger.


Cowin E-7 Review 2018

By Glen Parry / April 29, 2017

Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular. As technology improves, the battery life increases and the fidelity of the Bluetooth transmission improves. There is a huge selection of wireless headphones on the market and narrowing down the best can be incredibly time-consuming. The Cowin E-7s are one of the most popular headphones on the market. We’ll take the time to review some of the most important features and hopefully answer any questions you may have.


Best Headphones For Sleeping 2018

By Glen Parry / April 27, 2017

Looking for something to listen to your audiobooks in bed? When it comes to sleeping with headphones we are share the same problem: headphones are notoriously uncomfortable to wear when lying down. They push into your ears, become overheated, fall out, or are simply too big. Luckily for us, a few companies have now begun to offer sleep specific headphones for those of us who like listening to music before falling asleep. In this article, we’ll cover the best headphones for sleeping


Headphones For Girls 2018

By Glen Parry / April 25, 2017

The fact of the matter is most headphones on the market are black. This leaves little option for girls who want to have some actual color in their headphones. While the technical details remain similar sound-wise, the color schemes and size of headphones for girls tend to be quite different. Most of the headphones on our list are very budget friendly, so if you are a female audiophile you may want to check out some of our other posts on headphones.

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