Forget Brain Training Apps – Learn An Instrument Instead

Learning a musical instrument is one of the most expansive and enriching journeys a person can reward themselves with. There are so many benefits that cover many facets of an individual’s life. These benefits are cumulative over time, yet immediately felt. Some of the more obvious benefits are increased dexterity, deeper musical knowledge and technical […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Music Promotion is Failing

5 Reason Your Music Promotion Is Failing

It’s so important for personal growth to acknowledge our strengths – but more importantly; our weaknesses. This is so crucial, as we can nurture and inevitably overcome these weaknesses. As a musician, it’s totally standard for creativity and artistry to be a top strength in personal character. However, business acumen, tactfulness, and strategy may be […]

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What Is The Best Trumpet Mouthpiece For High Notes?

The Best Trumpet Mouthpieces for high notes

It’s a common issue for trumpet players to struggle staying in the upper register without getting worn out. Although there’s certainly no perfect mouthpiece for every player, there are certainly better mouthpieces for different applications. Across the board, for all brass instruments; from trumpets to tubas, the basic function of a mouthpiece remains the same. It’s there to help you vibrate your upper and lower lip, with the least resistance possible.

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The Best Amplifier For The Home Theater Systems

Best Amplifier For Home Theater

Have you just unwrapped your new 4K TV only to find your old A/V receiver isn’t compatible? Have you finally decided to pull the trigger on that dream home cinema you’ve always wanted? If so, I’ve found the best amplifiers for home theatres on the market. The amplifier is the brains on your home theatre sound system. One of the best ways to upgrade every aspect of your system is by upgrading the receiver.

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The Best Phono Preamp Under $200 (2019)

Best Preamp Under $200

It wasn’t that long ago that I had no idea what a phono preamp was. I made the mistake of buying a turntable without checking if it had a built-in preamp. Imagine my confusion when first trying to connect it to my speakers. Fast forward and I’ve now gone through a few different preamps and a number of different turntables. I was recently shopping for an upgrade to my Pyle and I thought I’d write a post for anyone else looking to upgrade.

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Best Headphones For Mowing The Lawn (2019)

Best Headphones For Mowing The Lawn

I’m into podcasts. If there is anything tedious on my todo list I usually throw on a podcast and the job seems to get done without much thought.This is why when I bought my first house and ended up with a lawn to take care of I went searching for a new pair of headphones. Most of the headphones I owned at the time were created for mixing and mastering music. Besides, I wasn’t too keen on bringing a $300 set of headphones out to do my lawn work.

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What Is The Best MP3 Player For Audiobooks? (2019)

Best MP3 Player For Audiobooks

It may be surprising to hear, but MP3 players are still around. Not only are they still around, they are better than ever. If you’re like me, your phone is jampacked with pictures and apps. No matter how much internal storage you have on your phone you are always running out of space.This can be a problem for those who are as addicted to audiobooks as I am. I have so many different audiobooks on the go at one time that it would take up half of my phone’s memory to store them.

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