Testing The Best Speakers For Your Record Player (2022)

If you still have a record player and all of your old vinyl, you know that nothing sounds better than those old records.

However, you still need a good pair of speakers, which is what we are here for. Let’s get right to it and help you find the best speakers for record players.

Best Speakers For Record Players: Reviews

1. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers, 2.0 Stereo Active Near Field Monitors Wooden Enclosure - 42 Watts RMS
  • 2 x AUX INPUT - Convenient connection to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output. Connect to two devices via AUX at the same time, no plugging and switching needed. (None Bluetooth version)
  • STUDIO SOUND QUALITY - Natural sound reproduction from 13mm silk dome tweeter and 4 inch full range unit

The Edifier bookshelf speakers are a very nice pair of speakers which are very affordable and nice looking, as well as great sounding, that should work fine for any record player.

For the low price which the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers come at, they even have surprisingly good sound quality.


The Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers are easily able to connect to any record player. For one, they come with dual AUX inputs, so if possible you can connect your record player using an AUX cord, but at the same time, these speakers also feature an RCA input, so older record players that only use RCA will be able to connect as well.

Actually, these bookshelf speakers allow you to connect 2 devices via AUX at the same time, so you could connect a record player and something else too.

The Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers feature a 4-inch woofer as well as 13mm silk dome tweeters for great sound. The sound here is not the loudest or the very best, but like we said before, for the low price, there is nothing to complain about.

They do have a wide range and they reproduce audio very well, which is important to note.

The classic MDF wood finish looks very nice, and it works well with most home décors and vintage record players too.

If you’re looking for something affordable, but still of a decent quality, the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers are recommended.


  • Various connection methods
  • Affordable
  • Good sound reproduction
  • Good look and decent durability


  • Bass could be better
  • Volume is not the best

Best for

If you are looking for a set of speakers for your record player that will not break the bank while still producing high-quality sound, these are the speakers for you. Plus, they look great so they will suit any room in your house.

2. Polk Audio T15 Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers

Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers – Hi-Res Audio with Deep Bass Response | Dolby and DTS Surround | Wall-Mountable| Pair, Black
  • GET SUPERIOR HOME THEATER EXPERIENCE WITH IMMERSIVE SURROUND SOUND – Featuring (1) 0.75" tweeter & (1) 5.25" Dynamic Balance Driver, these speakers are designed to produce a natural, well-balanced sound with massive bass even at the lowest frequencies
  • Use these wall-mountable bookshelf speakers as FRONT, LEFT-RIGHT SETUP, SURROUNDS OR AS REAR SPEAKERS and get mesmerized by detailed audio with crystal clear vocals, enough to fill any small to medium sized room, Total Frequency Response 45 Hz → 24,000 Hz

These are even a more affordable pair of bookshelf speakers than the model we just looked at, and more basic too, but they work just fine.

No, they don’t have the best sound quality of all speakers, but they are compact, easy to mount, they work well for a small room, are quite affordable, and can easily connect to record players.


The Polk Audio T15 Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers are a decent option to go with. In terms of connectivity, keep in mind that you will require a record player that has RCA outputs and RCA cables, as this is the only connection method here, plus you will require an amplifier to use these speakers as well.

They are very small and compact, so they should easily fit in a small space, such as on a shelf, plus they can easily be wall mounted as well.

In terms of sound quality, the Polk Audio T15 Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers come with a 0.75-inch tweeter and a 5.25-inch dynamic balance driver, which is decent considering the low price.

Make no mistake about it, because the Polk Audio T15 Home Theater Bookshelf Speakers don’t have the most bass or volume out of all speakers in the world, but they do work fine for a record player, and for a small home theater system for that matter, as long as the room is not too large.


  • Very affordable
  • Small and space friendly
  • Good price
  • Good sound quality for the low price


  • Not the most volume or bass
  • Limited durability
  • Limited connection options

Best for

Do you want speakers that are compact while still packing a punch? Then look no further as these are just what you need.

They are not only incredibly affordable, but they have good sound and look great too. What more could you need?

3. Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers

Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers for Home Theater Surround Sound, Stereo, and Passive Near Field Monitor, 2-Way (Black, Pair)
  • The MB42 is a demonstration of our designers’ love for the classic compact bookshelf speaker. Handsomely styled with simple contours and modern design cues, the MB42 is easy to place and blends into any room or decor. Its enhanced audio capability makes it a great fit with a wide range of usage scenarios, including living room stereo, home theater surround sound, office background music, or computer desktop sound.
  • Our design starts with carefully picked drivers that mesh perfectly in the critical crossover overlap region. It incorporates a balanced woven carbon fiber woofer for enhanced transient and impactful bass, and a high performance silk dome tweeter for smooth treble and accurate imaging. The drivers are housed in a ported enclosure that delivers extended bass response with low distortion. A simple yet effective 6db/Octave crossover helps the drivers blend together for a smooth tonal balance.

Alright, here we have an even more basic and affordable pair of speakers that should work just fine with any record player, the Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers.

These are so far the most affordable option on our list today. They are great if you are on a budget and need something that still has decent sound quality.


The first thing that you need to know about the Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers is that they do require an amp or receiver. You cannot connect them directly to a turntable or other audio source without the amp, which explains their low price, as you will need to invest more in an amp.

What’s nice about the Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers is that they are also very small and compact, so they can easily fit in a small space.

This fits well with their audio quality, because they aren’t designed for concerts or anything like that, just for a smaller room.

For a small room and for a basic record player, their bass, treble, volume, highs, and lows are all pretty decent, but nothing super stunning that will blow your mind.

It’s honestly quite surprising that these Micca MB42 Bookshelf Speakers sound as good as they do considering their price. What we can also say is that they look quite nice and modern, although they are not the most durable option out there.


  • Space friendly
  • Great price
  • Good look
  • Decent sound quality for the price


  • Not ideal for large spaces
  • Could be more durable
  • Require an amp or receiver

Best for

These speakers are designed with small spaces in mind. If you are wanting speakers for a large room, these will not suit your needs.

However, if you have a small music room, study, lounge, or entertainment room that you want to fill with the dulcet tones from your record player, these are for you.

4. Audioengine A2 Plus Powered Desktop Speakers

Audioengine A2 Powered Desktop Speakers - 60W Stereo Computer Speakers and Home Music Sound System with AUX Audio and USB DAC Inputs (Black, Pair)
  • PREMIUM POWERED SPEAKERS PAIR - The A2 Desktop Speakers are the best wired speakers to use as gaming monitor computer speakers, record player speakers, surround sound system for TV, and more. With multiple input options, these powered speakers can quickly and seamlessly connect to phones, tablets, TVs, or desktop computers
  • INCREDIBLE SOUND - The A2 60 Watt Powered Computer Speakers with subwoofer output deliver high-fidelity true stereo sound that is the perfect upgrade for your desktop setup. This 2-speaker home surround sound system features USB and analog AUX input options, subwoofer output, 2.75" custom aramid fiber woofers and 0.75" silk dome tweeters wrapped in precision-tuned, hand-crafted cabinets.

Here we have what are by far the most expensive speakers on our list so far, very small and portable desktop speakers that can fit pretty much anywhere, have great sound quality, and should last for quite some time.


What’s really nice is that these speakers are very versatile and don’t require anything extra, especially seeing as they already have an amp built into them.

The Audioengine A2 Plus Powered Desktop Speakers can be used with computers, video game consoles, record players, televisions, and more. What’s also nice is that they allow for several connection methods including AUX, RCA, and USB, so they really can play music from pretty much any source.

Considering that the Audioengine A2 Plus Powered Desktop Speakers are fairly small and don’t have that much power in terms of watts, they still have really nice sound quality.

With great sound balancing, good woofers and tweeters, even though they are small, they might actually have the best sound quality of all the speakers we have looked at so far. They also have a lot of volume behind them, which is nice if you want to blast your music.

When it comes down to it, if you need small and simple speakers with big and high-quality sound, these Audioengine A2 Plus Powered Desktop Speakers might just be your best bet.


  • Small and portable
  • Great sound quality
  • Very durable
  • Look nice
  • Multiple connection methods


  • Quite expensive
  • Not for large rooms

Best for

Another set of speakers for smaller spaces, these look great and are sturdy and robust. So, if you have kids or teenagers who love listening to the record player, these will suit you.

Additionally, these are portable, so you can take them along to friends and family member’s homes.

5. Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Active Near-Field Studio Monitors - Powered Speakers 2.0 Setup Wooden Enclosure - 66w RMS
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION - Pair your phone, tablet or computer for a true hassle free wireless experience, perfect for any iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows device.
  • 2 x AUX INPUT - Convenient connection to any device that has a 3.5mm headphone output or dual RCA output. Connect to two devices via AUX at the same time, no plugging and switching needed.

If you are looking for a fairly high-quality pair of speakers for your record, ones that come at a fairly reasonable price, the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers are a good option.


One thing which we like about the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers is that they look very nice. They have a wood finish that is quite stylish and should work just fine with any home décor.

They are not the smallest speakers, but in terms of size, they are not ridiculous and should work just fine in any room. You should be able to fit them on a shelf with ease.

The Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers come with volume, bass, and treble control dials located on them, plus they also come with a remote control for convenience.

What’s also nice is that you can connect the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers to your record player or other devices using an AUX connection or RCA connection, and keep in mind that when using AUX, you can connect 2 devices at the same time. Moreover, for the price, the sound quality is more than impressive.


  • Fairly space friendly
  • Multiple connection options
  • Great sound quality for a low price


  • Could be more durable
  • Volume is not the best

Who is this best for?

This kind of product is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy music played over high-quality speakers but without the flaws of a modern audio interface.

Whether you are a music producer or a regular person that simply enjoys music, speakers for record players make one great investment for you.


When it comes down to it, if it is sound quality and portability you are going for, and you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, the Audioengine A2 Plus Powered Desktop Speakers are probably your best bet.

If you want larger speakers with good sound quality, for a decent price, either of the Edifier speakers we have reviewed are nice.

Other than that, the other two options we looked at are just fine if you are going for budget speakers for your record player.

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