The Best Gaming Chairs With Speakers (2022)

Calling all gamers! Do you need an ergonomic chair that will help you stay comfortable for long streams and sessions with friends, and that enables you to hear the sounds of the world around you?

Having a speaker in your chair can be the difference of hearing an enemy and not hearing one, and the line between victory and defeat for your team.

Don’t get left in the cold-take a look at our best gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers and get ready to game in comfort and style.

Skip to the Buyer’s Guide to see what you need in a chair.

Buyer’s Guide For Gaming Chair Speakers

When choosing a gaming chair, look for the following types so that you get just what you need. They do make a difference, after all!

Racer Style Chairs: This combines the standard office-chair ergonomics with a bucket seat that you get in a race-car or sporty sedan. The original chair was debuted by DXRacer in 2006, who started as a manufacturer of seats for luxury car brands.

Rocker Chairs: These cool chairs sit right on the floor and have a sleek, curved design about them.  They sit right on the floor and they are great if you have carpet and cannot easily slide your chair around. You can stretch out your legs.

PC Gaming Chair: If you’re a PC gamer, you are going to need an office-style chair that may be like the one you use at work. You have to be able to sit comfortably for long periods of time, so get one that has comfortable armrests, a backrest, and maybe even a neck rest so you don’t get uncomfortable when it’s time to get serious.

Pedestal Chair: These are cool futuristic chairs that sit up off the ground a bit. They look really good and are not so low to the ground. They are great if you want a chair that’s easy to move around, but also helps you stay in one space without sliding around as you would with a rocker chair.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best Gaming Chairs With Speakers

Without further ado, let’s show off the best in each category for your purchase convenience.

1. GT Racing Audio Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speaker

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Best For: Serious gamers only who need a quality chair at a fair price, or people who like comfort.

I love this chair because the comfort was evident when you sat in it. Other users even stated that the chair felt like it should cost more than it did!

The headrest is very comfortable and will ensure your gaming experience is easy on your back.

You can get it in some cool colors to match your setup. It was easy to play a couple hours’ worth of CS:GO sitting in this chair (check out my favorite headsets for CS:GO here.) The speakers are positioned just right on the head so you can hear everything.


  • Cool colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Super comfy and durable, holds 400 lbs.


  • Backrest can be uncomfortable for some
  • Hard to adjust the forward pitch of the chair.
  • Installation can be tricky, say some users

2. X Rocker Surge Gaming Chair-Bluetooth 2.1

X Rocker 5172601 Surge Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Rocking Video Gaming Floor Chair, 2 Speakers, Subwoofer, Bonded Faux Leather and Mesh Upholstery, 36.81 x 32.28 x 20.89, Black with Red
  • ROCKER GAMING CHAIR WITH SPEAKERS: Video gaming, race seat designed chair can be used for playing video games, watching movies and TV, listening to music, reading, and relaxing.
  • IMMERSIVE MEDIA EXPERIENCE: 2 forward facing speakers with powerful subwoofer, provide great sound and a low rumble intensifying your game, movie, or music

Best For: People who really want great sound quality in all they do – movies, games, music.

This cool chair captured our hearts with its audio. Its 2.1 sound immersion experience had us impressed.

The audio signals come in easily from any device that is Bluetooth enabled, and there are even some optional cables included with the chair, too.

You can use your headset to play any music you like, and there are separate controls for volume and base.

The design goes well with your back, and you can even connect many of these chairs together to make the experience even more personable. Your console will connect easily through the Bluetooth audio.


  • Comfortable and low to the ground
  • Great quality subwoofers with good sound
  • You can connect chairs together to really complete the experience


  • Does not work with PS3
  • Not good if you have hip pains
  • Padding wore down fast for some users.

3. X Rocker Sound Office Chair

X Rocker, 0777001, Rogue Sound Office Chair, 26.33 x 23.58 x 44.01, Gray/Black
  • SLEEK OFFICE CHAIR WITH SPEAKERS: Stereo speakers hidden in the headrest allow you to listen to conference calls, enjoy music, podcasts, movies, and gaming for the full X Rocker sound experience
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Premium lithium ion battery charges the chair for 4+ hours of wireless use

Best For: adult gamers who need a chair that looks cool and slick and is comfortable.

This is a chair that is a lot like that one jacket you have – it goes from the office to the dinner with friends and still looks professional and cool.

That’s how it is with this gaming chair. It comes in cool neutral gray tones, which let it match any office environment whether that means a place at home or a place at work.

You will love the 2.0 Bluetooth speakers – the sound quality is actually quite good.

Also, the tilt and swivel features on this chair accommodate all styles of sitting down.

You will also like that the speakers turn off after a period of inactivity, great if you are forgetful like some of our people are.

You can also make the back taller or shorter depending on what your height is-so, don’t fear if you are a tall person!


  • Great if you need to adjust the height on this chair
  • Material is comfortable, easy to clean and looks good
  • Comfortable for long periods of sitting


  • We noticed the right speaker kept cutting out on us from time to time.
  • One user reported a short in the speaker upon first use.
  • No other colors to choose from.

4. X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair

X Rocker, 5125401, Vibe 2.1 Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair, 33.2 x 24 x 39.7, Black/Red
  • ALL PURPOSE GAMING CHAIR WITH SPEAKERS: Faux leather outer with stylish breathable fabric back and seat, high back tilt & swivel pedestal game chair can be used to play video games, watch movies, listen to music, read and relax
  • IMMERSIVE MEDIA EXPERIENCE: Chair incorporates wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers near the headrest and subwoofer in outer part of the backrest, providing a low rumble intensifying your game, movie, or music

Great For: Kids at heart, and kids in general.

This chair really took us all by surprise when we started testing it out. One of the fellows on our team is 5’11” and weighs about 210 lbs.

He was a little worried being a bit on the taller side, but we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to put this thing together and how well it supported his weight.

Not only did we sit back and play way too many rounds of Mario Kart in this thing, we also enjoyed how easily it reclined back for general relaxation like reading, practicing guitar, or just closing your eyes for some rest.

The Bluetooth connected very easily with all of our devices, even our PS4. It was great to hear the sounds of VR chat coming through crisp and clear.

We wished we could have chosen some other colors, although the chair itself is just fine the way it is.


  • Great for persons of all sizes, whether you are short or tall
  • Arms can go up or down, gives you more room if needed
  • Bluetooth connectivity is the best out of all the chairs we tried


  • Some users reported arms had to be re-bolted as they felt weak.
  • Padding wears off quickly, reported some users
  • One user reported a high frequency noise coming out of the speakers when they were plugged in

5. Ace Bayou Pedestal Gaming Chair

X Rocker SE Pro Video Gaming Lounging Pedestal Chair with Wireless Audio, 2 Speakers & Subwoofer, Tilt & Swivel, Ergonomic Lumbar & Neck Support, Armrests, Comfortable, Black Silver
  • ALL PURPOSE PEDESTAL GAMING CHAIR: Faux leather lounging game chair can be used for playing video games, watching movies and TV, listening to music, reading, and relaxing.
  • IMMERSIVE MEDIA EXPERIENCE: Chair incorporates wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers near the headrest and subwoofer positioned to pound your back with bass-heavy sounds intensifying your game, movie, or music.

Best For: for those who prize comfort and sound quality

We have another great pedestal chair here that features Bluetooth capabilities.

This chair is really comfortable for extended gaming sessions on the console end of things – in our experience, we sat around playing Rainbow Six for a good four hours before realizing how much time had passed.

Everybody who sat in this chair really liked what they felt. I heard basically no complaints about the way the chair felt. That being said, nothing is perfect.

You can even use the side panel to plug in your headphones to the PS4. The sound and clarity on this particular chair is pretty good for what you’re getting!

Assembly was pretty easy for us to do and took only about 20 minutes before we all had it set up and ready to go.

The speakers are right near your head so even if you are watching a movie or forced to game while your crazy family is playing cards at the coffee table you can still hear everything that’s going on in your game.

The padding is soft and comfortable and easy to wipe down in case of a spill.


  • Easy to put together
  • Very sturdy
  • You can rock the chair back and forth-kind of fun


  • No lumbar support included in chair
  • Some users reported the chair slumped over after repeated use.
  • Another user reported the manufacturer has unresponsive customer service


Part of the joy of being a gamer is the ability to experience the world’s’ greatest adventures and stories, without having to leave the comfort of your room/living room/friend’s house.

But it’s going to be very hard to do that if you don’t have the right chair. Be sure you consider these as you buy:

  • Do I need back support?
  • What about neck support?
  • How wide is the chair and can it hold my body with comfort?
  • Do I need armrests?
  • Is the material easy to clean?
  • How are the speakers?

Also be sure you are taking a look at product reviews so that you can see what other users said.

In summary, be sure your gaming chair has the support and sound you need to be the best at your game of choice.

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