Finding The Best Coaxial Cables of 2022

Do you need a simple, affordable, and high-quality coaxial cable for your modem, television, or satellite box? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get to it and help you find the best coaxial cable.

Best Coaxial Cables: Reviews

1. Mediabridge Coaxial Cable

Mediabridge™ Coaxial Cable (50 Feet) with F-Male Connectors - Ultra Series - Tri-Shielded UL CL2 in-Wall Rated RG6 Digital Audio/Video - Includes Removable EZ Grip Caps (Part# CJ50-6BF-N1)
  • Applications: Use Ultra Series Coaxial Cables to connect Televisions, Cable Modems, Satellite Receivers, Off-Air Antennas and all other F-Female equipped devices.
  • Construction: Manufactured from Triple Shielded RG6 coaxial cable suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

If you are looking for a high-quality coaxial cable that is not going to cost you a fortune, but will perform well, then the Mediabridge Coaxial Cable is probably a good option for you to keep in mind.


One thing to note about the Mediabridge Coaxial Cable is that it comes in various lengths for your convenience. Here you can choose from lengths ranging from 4 to 100 feet, so it should be more than good enough for pretty much any application.

This is a coaxial cable which is compatible with all F-female equipped devices. It is intended to connect televisions, cable boxes, antennas, satellite receivers, and the like. 

Something else to note about the Mediabridge Coaxial Cable is that it is very durable and features a high-quality construction. It is made with triple-shielded RG6 and it comes complete with nickel plated type F receivers. 

It’s best used indoors, but when it comes down to it, it’s also designed to withstand being outdoors, and it is rated safe to be used inside walls as well. The easy-grip connecter caps help make handling a bit easier.


  • Easy-grip connecters
  • Ideal for home use
  • Multiple length options
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Rated safe for use in walls


Lengths may differ by a few feet

Best For

The Mediabridge Coaxial Cable is a simple and inexpensive coaxial cable best used at home for connecting basic internet, cable, satellite, and television systems. 

2. AmazonBasics CL2-Rated Coaxial TV Antenna Cable

Amazon Basics CL2-Rated Coaxial TV Antenna Cable - 50 feet
  • IN THE BOX: (1) 50 foot CL2-rated coaxial TV antenna cable with nickel-plated F-type male connectors
  • UL-RATED: 75 OHM RG6 coaxial cable is safe for use indoors or out; UL-rated for in-wall use

This is another very simple coaxial cable that works fine for home use. It’s not expensive, comes in different lengths, and will do just fine for basic needs.


The AmazonBasics CL2-Rated Coaxial TV Antenna Cable can be used to connect modems, cable systems, for internet, satellite, and more. It’s nothing more than a simple coaxial cable for home use, but it does get the job done. 

This product does come in multiple lengths, ranging from 4 to 100 feet long, so you should be able to find a length for your specific needs. This item is also designed to provide you with clear audio and visuals without background noise from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

The AmazonBasics CL2-Rated Coaxial TV Antenna Cable features a solid-center conductor, dielectric insulation, and 3 layers of aluminum shielding, all of which work together to make this a very durable option, one that is great for indoor use, but can also be used outdoors without issue. 

A bit of weather isn’t going to damage it, and the nickel-plated connectors are up to par as well. This cable is very easy to use and it comes with an easy grip non-slip system. It’s nothing super, but it doesn’t cost much.


  • Very durable
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Rated safe for use in walls
  • Very easy to attach
  • Basic home internet and TV use
  • Affordable


Protective caps may get in the way

Best For

If you want just a basic coaxial cable that won’t cost you a fortune, so you can connect your cable box to your TV, or anything else of the sort, the AmazonBasics CL2-Rated Coaxial TV Antenna Cable is a good option. 

3. Cable Matter Coaxial Cable

Cable Matters 2-Pack CL2 in-Wall Rated (CM) Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable 50 ft (RG6 Cable, Coax Cable) in Black
  • High performance RG6 cable (also refer to as RG6/U cable, RG-6/U cable or RG-6 cable) for connecting a cable television (CATV), VCR, satellite receiver, cable box, digital router, modem cable, TV antenna cable, or other devices with RG6 F-type coaxial (RG6 F-pin coaxial) port
  • Quad shielded RG6 coax cable is the perfect choice for DirectTV and Dish Network systems at up to 3 GHz

Something to note is that this is a multi-pack of coaxial cables. You can choose from a 2 pack of longer cables, such as the 50- or 100-foot options, or for the shorter cables, such as 10 and 6 feet; you can get a 3 pack of them. 


As you may have noticed, unlike with other options, when you purchase the Cable Matter Coaxial Cable, you get multiples — whether 2 x 50 footers or 3 x 10 footers. It’s something you would purchase if you need more than one cable to connect multiple devices.

The Cable Matter Coaxial Cable is designed for use with F-female type connecters, so you can connect TV’s, antennas, satellites, cable modems, and the like. 

What we also appreciate is that this is the most cost effective option on the list today, with 2 or 3 cables here coming in at just slightly more expensive than the single cables reviewed above.

These feature four layers of aluminum and braid shielding against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, so the quality in that sense is just fine. 

However, we want to point out that they are not the most durable overall. Physically, they are not all that hard to break, so you do need to be careful how you handle them.


  • Multipack
  • Cost effective
  • Fine connectivity
  • Ideal for basic home use
  • Very simple to use


Limited durability

Best For

If you don’t want to spend a lot, and you need multiple coaxial cables, the Cable Matter Coaxial Cable is probably a good option for you.

4. The Cimple Co Coaxial Cable

50' Feet, White RG6 Coaxial Cable (Coax Cable) with Weather Proof Connectors, F81 / RF, Digital Coax - AV, Cable TV, Antenna, and Satellite, CL2 Rated, 50 Foot
  • Includes: 1 one coaxial Cable with f-pin connectors & US manufacturers warranty for quality assurance
  • Tested and approved for the use with Cable Modems, Televisions, Satellite Receivers, Off Air Antennas - including HD Antennas; Compatible with: DIRECTV, Satellite Dish, Comcast, Charter, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-Verse, FTA, OTA, Satellite Internet providers (such as HughesNet, Wild Blue, Excede), Cell phone wireless extenders, and many other services and providers.

The Cimple Co Coaxial Cable is a moderately priced unit, one that comes in multiple lengths, and is just fine for = basic home use. 


For one, the Cimple Co Coaxial Cable is a very durable option. It features a weatherproof and UV-resistant PVC outer jacket, so it can be used outdoors without a problem, although we would hesitate submitting it to rigorous outdoor testing. It is quite durable, although we do think it’s best for indoor use. 

This Cimple Co Coaxial Cable can also be used in walls. It’s a pretty basic coaxial cable which is intended to connect modems, TVs, cable boxes, and the like, and yes, it works fine for long distances. 

It comes in lengths of up to 100 feet. The Cimple Co Coaxial Cable also featured double redundant connecters which are easy to attach, but won’t ever pull off or disconnect on their own, plus these cables also come with excellent shielding to protect against outside interference.

All in all, this is a perfectly fine option to go with if you need a simple and affordable coaxial cable for home use.


  • Durable build
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Use in walls
  • Good shielding to stop interference
  • Good for covering long distances


Lengths are not accurately detailed

Best For

If you need to cover long distances and want a high quality coaxial cable, the Cimple Co Coaxial Cable is probably a good option for you.


PHAT SATELLITE INTL Quad Shield Solid Copper 3GHZ RG-6 Coaxial Cable (DIRECTV Satellite TV or Broadband Internet) Weather Seal Anti Corrosion Brass Connector RG6 Fittings Made in USA 100ft
  • SOLID COPPER Quad Shield 3Ghz 75 Ohm Coax Cable for (CATV, Satellite TV, & Broadband/High Speed Internet) swept tested 5MHz-3GHz
  • Cable Construction: 18AWG PURE COPPER, QUAD SHIELD- Jacket: UV Resistant PVC - Braids: 34 Awg Aluminum Alloy (60% & 40%) Coverage - Foil Shields: Aluminum (100% Coverage) with 18% Overlap - Dielectric: Gas Injected Foam PE

If you need a long, durable, and ultra-high-quality coaxial cable and you’re willing to pay a little more for it, the PHAT SATELLITE INTL Coaxial Cable is a good option.


The PHAT SATELLITE INTL Coaxial Cable comes at 100 feet long, so it should be more than fine for home, office, and professional use. It is more expensive than any other others we have reviewed today by about double, actually. However, there is also the fact that it does appear to be the highest quality option. 

It features 18AWG pure copper, a quadruple shield, and a high-quality PVC jacket, combined with all-brass and weather-shielded connectors. The bottom line here is that when it comes to preventing interference, standing up to physical abuse, being weather resistant, and having really clear connection, the PHAT SATELLITE INTL Coaxial Cable is by far the best and most high quality option on the list. The PHAT SATELLITE INTL Coaxial Cable is made in the USA. 


  • Superior durability
  • Great weather resistance
  • Indoor, outdoor, and in-wall use
  • Great connection quality
  • No interference


  • Only 1 length 
  • High price

Best For

The PHAT SATELLITE INTL Coaxial Cable is best for people who are willing to spend a bit extra and want to ensure that they have a high-quality product. 


When it comes down to it, we would recommend the PHAT SATELLITE INTL Coaxial Cable, as it is simply the best option on our list, although also the most expensive by far.

Yes, there are other great options here today, less expensive ones, but do keep in mind that quality might suffer. 

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