Finding The 5 Best Boomboxes For Kids (2022)

Do your kids enjoy listening to music, especially from their favorite movies, and maybe even singing along to those soundtracks?

If so, you are in the right place, because we are here to help you find the best boombox for kids.

Best Boombox For Kids: Reviews

1. Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox

ekids Disney Frozen Sing Along Boom box Speaker with Microphone For Fans of Frozen Toys for Girls, Kids Karaoke Machine with Built in Music and Flashing Lights
  • Kids Microphone: Karaoke microphone for kids allows you to sing your heart out. This Frozen toy has everything you need to be the star of the show
  • Built in Aux Speaker: Easily connect with compatible MP3 players or any other device that has a 3.5mm jack. Listen to your favorite playlists through the built-in karaoke speaker

If you have a child that is into the Disney Frozen movie, and they love to sing along to songs from that movie, the Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox makes for a great choice. It can do even more than that, and it comes reasonably priced.


The Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox comes loaded with all of the songs from the Frozen movie, and yes, it can play them all.

What’s also really neat is that this boombox comes complete with a microphone, so your kids can sing along with all of their favorite Frozen tunes. It’s kind of like a little karaoke boombox for Frozen fans.

However, what you can also do with the Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa Cool Tunes Sing Along Boombox, is connect an MP3 player and play songs directly from that, so it should not be an issue if your kids happen to get tired of the Frozen soundtrack.

The boombox itself is designed with images from the movie, so it looks appealing to kids, plus it comes with a small-sized carrying handle, so they can easily carry it around.

No, it’s not the best sounding boombox, nor the most durable, but it should do just fine for kids who like songs from the Frozen movie.

It should last for long enough, as long as your kids are not too rough with it. It’s an affordable way to keep your kids occupied and honing their singing talents.


  • Affordable
  • Hours of fun
  • Comes loaded with songs
  • Allows for MP3 player connection


  • Could be more durable
  • Sound quality is not great

Who is This Best for?

If you are just in love with the concept of playing music via a boombox then this model is the perfect choice for you and your kids.

While it doesn’t offer exquisite sound quality you will still get hours of fun out of it!

2. Auna Roadie Portable Kids Boombox

AUNA Roadie KIDS Boombox, Top loading CD Player, Bluetooth Connectivity for Smartphones, Easy AUX, USB, Radio and MP3 Connectivity, Portable, Plug in or Battery Powered, LED Display
  • POWER PACKED ENTERTAINMENT: The Auna Roadie Boombox lets you see the rhythm! FUN TOY with built-in multi-colour LED lights that change to the beat of the music to get you in the groove. Choose from the three available cool colours and enjoy the beat!
  • ALWAYS CONNECTED: The Bluetooth interface allows for wireless music streaming from your smartphones and tablets. The AM/FM stereo radio allows you to enjoy music anytime. The Auna Roadie boombox is CD-R/CD-RW compatible and has an AC/DC adapter.

Here we have a significantly more expensive boombox for kids, well over twice the price of the Frozen boombox we reviewed above, but it does have additional features, plus slightly better sound quality too, and in all reality, it’s still not too expensive.


One of the best parts about the Auna Roadie Portable Kids Boombox is that it can play music from multiple sources. First, it includes a CD player, so you can just put a CD in it and play it.

Next, it also features a USB port, so you can use a USB cable to connect an MP3 player.

What is quite impressive, considering that it is meant for kids, is that it also comes with a Bluetooth connection option, so you can wirelessly play music from any Bluetooth-compatible device.

The Auna Roadie Portable Kids Boombox also comes with an FM receiver, so if all else fails, you can always just play some tunes from your kid’s favorite radio station.

Keep in mind that it comes in black, blue, and white, so you should be able to find a color to suit your kid.

The Auna Roadie Portable Kids Boombox is quite small and lightweight, plus it comes with a small handle, so it is portable, and light enough for your kids to carry around. Of course, the sound quality is not amazing, but good enough for basic listening for your kids.


  • CD, MP3, FM, & Bluetooth
  • Quite durable
  • Portable
  • Comes in various colors


  • Might be a bit too pricey for what it is
  • Not the best sounding audio

Who is This Best For?

If you are a parent and you are looking for a versatile boombox that is compatible with most modern music formats than the Auna Roadie product is something you should absolutely consider.

While a bit pricier than the aforementioned product, it is highlighted by a fancy design so if you are into aesthetics, it should do the trick!

3. HELLO KITTY Portable Stereo CD Boombox

If you are looking for a moderately priced music player for your kids, the HELLO KITTY Portable Stereo CD Boombox is a good way to go.

Yes, it would seem as though this item is directed more towards little girls, because Hello Kitty is a bit more female-oriented, but who knows, your little boy might enjoy it too. After all, the important thing is that it can play music, which the HELLO KITTY Portable Stereo CD Boombox does just fine.


The HELLO KITTY Portable Stereo CD Boombox is a simple little boombox, not unlike what you might have had 20 years ago, although of course it does have a Hello Kitty theme, so it’s not really designed for adults.

With that being said, the HELLO KITTY Portable Stereo CD Boombox is a convenient little item because it can play music from CDs, it can play both AM & FM radio, plus it also has an AUX jack, so you can connect any music-playing device via AUX cord.

Yes, this is a kids boombox, so the sound quality is not exactly stunning, but good enough for kids to listen to.

The HELLO KITTY Portable Stereo CD Boombox is made to be quite durable because as we all know, kids can be rough and they often break stuff. It’s also quite portable, as it’s small and lightweight, and comes with a carrying handle.


  • CD, Radio, AUX jack
  • Small and portable
  • Great for Hello Kitty fans


Limited sound quality

Who Is This Best For?

Another great boombox that is just lurking to be bought by caring parents looking to have some family time with their kids.

If you are always on the go and you want a sound device to entertain you throughout than this Hello Kitty is the right product to be at your service.

4. Vampirina Sing Along Boombox

  • The new Vampirine Sing Along Boom box is here!
  • Package Dimensions:30.48 H x 9.398 L x 27.432 W (centimeters)

This is another little sing along boombox, like the Frozen model we received above, but of course, this one is from the Vampirina movie.

If you aren’t familiar with this movie, your kids probably are! It’s a fun little karaoke boombox designed for kids, one that does not come in at an outrageous price.


If you have a child who is into the Vampirina movie, then the Vampirina Sing Along Boombox is a great option to keep in mind.

It comes preloaded with all of the Vampirina movie songs, so your kids can listen to them over and over again, which yes, is something kids love to do.

Even better is the fact that the Vampirina Sing Along Boombox comes with a fully functional microphone, so your kids can sing along whenever they choose, although, of course, the included mic is not of very high quality, but good enough to make your kids think that they are superstars.

You might also appreciate that the Vampirina Sing Along Boombox allows you to connect an MP3 player via the AUX jack, so you can get a bit of a break from the Vampirina soundtrack.

It comes with a storage compartment, so you can store your MP3 player onboard.

It’s a small and convenient little boombox that looks like a small purse, and it comes with a carrying strap too, not to mention that the hard plastic shell is durable enough to withstand any minor assault from your children.


  • Very good price
  • Quite durable
  • Small and portable
  • Loaded with songs
  • Comes with mic
  • MP3 player capability


  • Low quality microphone
  • Not the best sound quality

Who Is The Best For?

We know how tough it may get being on a tight budget which is why finding a product like this is a game changer for all of you that enjoy boomboxes but don’t have money to invest in high-end models.

5. Minions MS-430.EX Cd Player Boombox with Mic

Minions MS-430.EX Cd Player Boombox with Mic
  • Real working microphone and CD player
  • Fm radio with LCD display

Whether you have a little boy or girl, if they like the Minions movies, the Minions MS-430.EX Cd Player Boombox with Mic is probably a pretty good choice to go with. It looks super cool, it’s fairly durable, and it has a couple of other neat features too.


The Minions MS-430.EX Cd Player Boombox with Mic does not come with music built into it, but we suppose you can buy any number of CDs with the Minions soundtrack on it.

With that being said, it comes with a CD player, plus it can play FM radio as well, and it even comes with AUX connectivity so you can connect an MPR player.

The cool part here is that the Minions MS-430.EX Cd Player Boombox with Mic comes with its own working microphone, so your kids can have fun and sing along, although, that being said, it is of course not a professional-quality mic.

The same can be said for the sound, although for such a small and affordable boombox, the sound could still be worse.

The Minions MS-430.EX Cd Player Boombox with Mic is small and portable, and it comes with a carrying handle, plus the whole unit is actually quite durable.

All in all, if your kids like music and Minions, the Minions MS-430.EX Cd Player Boombox with Mic is a prime choice to keep in mind.


  • Great for Minions fans
  • MP3, FM, & CD
  • Comes with a mic
  • Portable and somewhat durable


Mic and speakers are not fantastic

Who is This Best for?

If you are a parent looking to improve family time with your children, a boombox might be of great help.

While not the ideal choice for a sound guru, the main purpose of this product is to have fun, so if you are ready for some, invest in one! It will also be the perfect gift for your teenagers who enjoy listening to music.


At the end of the day, in terms of quality, these are all boomboxes for kids, so it’s fair to say that you don’t have to pay attention to sound quality all that much.

It more or less comes down to which of the themes your kids like the most.

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